BLAZING THOUGHTS: Rescue juvenile offenders PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 September 2011 15:56

Oftentimes reported in the news some minors are involved in petty thieveries like akyat bahay, bukas kotse, pickpocketting, snatching, shoplifting, etc. as well as illegal drugs and streetfights.

Anywhere in the country the police records could prove the surging juvenile offenders. Of course, we have rehabilitation centers under the DSWD and assisted by LGUs, though limited in number and ill-equipped. Although minors should not be mingled with hardcore criminals, yet there are juvenile offenders jailed together with adult inmates due to lack of special cells. Consequently the law enforcers are facing a big problem in enforcing the law on minors because of the lack of jail facilities intended for them. Usually offenders are arrested and turned over to DSWD authorities. Not long after they’re back in the streets.

In one way or the other affecting the situation is the human rights craze. Some of us seem to be too impulsive in reacting to a mere prick as a serious infringement on our rights without giving due prudence what the real score is. More often than not, the discord or dissension would lead to a case of child abuse. The shadow of trauma or phobia apparently blocks the way of our police operatives in running after juvenile offenders or violators.

Another development that blurs the authenticity of law enforcement and dispensation of justice is the despicable summary execution commonly known as “salvaging”.
If you recall, sometime ago the body of a young boy was found by residents in the locality. Based on the investigation report, it was established that he was a salvage victim.

From all indications, many of our youth especially the teenagers are in dire need of discipline. Remember that the prime responsibility falls on the hands of parents. As parents we’re supposed to be the best guidance counsellors of our children. No matter how busy or preoccupied we are in our livelihood activities, we have to find a little time to be with our children and see to it that they grow up on the right track. And always be the shining model for them to emulate as they prepare themselves to face the world on their own.

Next in line are the community and church leaders, teachers and peers,

In Congress, there’s now a move to amend or modify the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act. That’s fine. And it would be great if our government will put up enough effective rehabilitation centers in cities and provinces where misguided minors can be properly rescued and restored as law abiding and productive citizens of our country.