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Friday, 30 September 2011 15:16

BY Jane dela Cruz Bascar

Since I wasn’t able to come up with an original article this week, I am sharing with you an excerpt from Mike Dooley’s book Infinite Possibilities. Entitled “Let Your Burning Desire Set the World on Fire,” this piece talks about your dreams and desires. Dooley says:

“We’re not here just to meet our needs so that we can merely survive; the original grand wish that gave birth to time and space was not for us to have some kind of break-even experience; we’re here to have fun and be happy, to thrive and grow, and these objectives can only be met by pursuing the unique passions we all individually possess. Too often it’s thought that our desires are frivolous and our dreams selfish, yet our planet is an abundant and opulent paradise, and it freely shares its treasures to those who meet it halfway –less than halfway even – with unlimited thinking, great expectations, and the simplest of actions. And the more we allow it to share with us, the more it shares with others, in an unfolding that inevitably and unfailingly far exceeds what was sought by the original dream.

Our desires are gifts, not curses, and they should be honored. They’re the spirit of life dancing through us, pointing us in directions that will inspire us and hinting of our true potential. Our dreams, too, are gifts, and they’re far more remarkable than is even appreciated. They’re tailor-made for us based equally on what we want and what our soul craves, taking into account all we’ve ever done, and our leanings, inclinations, aptitudes, outlooks, and strengths, in order to grow and become more. They aren’t ours so that they may elude or torment us, but because they’re achievable and because we’re worthy of them. And even better than the destination they promise is the journey they inspire, through the seas and landscapes of life, making possible endless opportunities for interactions with others, incredible coincidences, and wonderful accidents. But of course, as you already know, there are no coincidences and there are no accidents; these are just occurrences orchestrated by our thoughts – life’s magic – as they juggle the players and circumstances of our life to deliver to us the things we have been thinking.
Dreams are selfish only if you believe in scarcity and lack – if you believe that for you to receive something, others must go without. But these kinds of beliefs are impossible when you truly understand that you are a spiritual being and that the props in your life are merely illusions. Your dreams come from the infinite, and only by pursuing them with abandon can you then give to the world all you have to give, remaining true to your own “selfish” desires. Could Thomas Edison, for example, have tended to the downtrodden as Mother Teresa did? Could Albert Einstein have preached salvation as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did? Could Abraham Lincoln have built cars like Henry Ford did? You know who these people are because they followed their own unique passions, their inborn leanings, and their own inner voices. The irony here, though, with regard to the thought that our dreams are selfish, is that the masses – sometimes even for generations – always benefit from the individual who insists on marching to the beat of his or her own drummer, or as Richard Back phrased it in the colossal bestseller Illusions, “the divinely selfish soul.”

Our dreams and our desires are as unique as our fingerprints, and we’re endowed with them based on each of our own unique spiritual quests in life. We have different dreams for a reason: to maximize the chances of us having the kind of adventures and lessons that will enrich us the most. We’re not all born wanting to be doctors, we’re not all born wanting to be beautiful, and as hard as this may seem to believe, we’re not all born wanting to live easy, cushy lives. No two people want the exact same things. It’s like when we’re choosing our vacations: some prefer to relax and do very little, while others prefer risks and challenges to varying degrees.

Our dreams have veiled, specialized agendas that inspire our journeys and yield what we really came here to get – experience – while revealing our true potential for living the life of our dreams. If written off early in life as frivolous, indulgent, or selfish, or if they’re replaced with more idealized, mainstream dreams – dreams that are not really ours but are considered practical, safe, or proven – we only stifle our own growth and happiness.

Sadly, this kind of substitution happens all the time when society - or even our own families – try to point us in the “right” directions, supposedly for our own good. And while their intentions are golden, no one can ever know you like you do. No one else can know what fulfills you or what drives you; no one else can see through your window to the Divine nor hear the instincts and impulses that are whispered in your ear; and no one except you can know what potential talents lie dormant inside you. “To thine own self be true,” as Shakespeare put it.”

May the words above inspire you to pick up the fragments of your shattered dreams, weave new ones and bring them all to fulfillment. Sweet dreams….

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Time and again, I’ve been told you can’t give what you don’t have and charity begins at home…It took me so many years however before I began to understand what it meant. And even when I thought I was beginning to get a glimmer of understanding, I found the actual application in my life tough.