SQUARE POINT: More money PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 30 September 2011 15:18

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Many of us believe that money is everything. But the righteous including hypocrites would detest that money is theroot of all evil.

While others have another way of reckoning the importance of money in our lives by saying— money makes a man. A good friend of mine simply says— money is either the ultimate dream of a man or just what’s needed to make his dream come true.

Anyway, believe it or not, almost all of us need money to be able to cling to dear life or remain on this planet for a time either a bit short or long.

We need money to buy a meal or else open the garbage; buy clothes otherwise wrap ourselves with leaves; build a house or else sleep under a tree and so on. It means that we work to earn money for us to buy food and other personal needs. So practically nobody can live a normal life without money.

However, what’s happening today— many people want to have money more than what they need. And because of greed, they amass wealth through illegal, dirty means. As a result, majority who are unfortunate and poor suffer until they’re shoved out of existence. In other words— it’s a classic example of- live and let die. Husband and wife fight for money, father against son, brother versus brother, friend vs friend, family vs family, etc.

Reputation or dignity seems no longer worth crying for when it comes to money. A married woman goes with another man because of money, top public officials won’t mind being scandalized, police and military generals would just deny or say nothing of the pillage or plunder case against them and other forms of shams or scandals in the government.

According to a friend in media, there are people who worship money as their god. They cheat and defraud the government to get all what they want. They want money, money and more money. And they’re found everywhere waiting for a chance to leap for the catch!

Our point of hope— may the dreaded claws of the Ombudsman reach the collars of those cunning scoundrels!