BLAZING THOUGHTS: Discipline in schools PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 01 October 2011 15:04

BY Al Kenoh

Now that education authorities are strictly against corporal nunishment in schools, it does not necessarily mean that we do away with discipline among students particularly in the high school and elementary levels.

Discipline should remain a component of our teaching system simply because discipline is the essence of education. When we say that a person is educated or schooled, it means that he’s not only literate but also a disciplined, well-mannered fellow. But when someone is said to be uneducated, not only no-read, no-write but ill-mannered, too.

It’s high time for teachers to make use of their know-how in psychology in instilling discipline among their students.
In lieu of stern approach and punishment, gentle counselling and witty persuaaion may be appropriate to influence the young minds and develop commendable moral characters.

Sometimes it would be reported in the news about fightings in schools or streets among students of the same or different schools. What’s most common to happen is mauling or bullying.

The latest incident happened in Baguio City where a 12-year-old grade five pupil was badly beaten by his schoolmates. Unfortunately the boy died from severe blows.
Though we cannot recall of such particular incident here in this city but we can’t refute or deny that a case of bullying did happen in one of the schools here.

Nonetheless, let’s do something to prevent violence among our young students. A peaceful environment is an urgent need for our innocent school children considering the following: the volatile peace and order condition, the great number of students from so many schools, too aggressive generation of today, the struggle for survival and other factors.

Just a reminder— students should be closely monitored by parents and teachers in order to prevent any untoward, incident either in school or out in the streets.