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Saturday, 01 October 2011 15:06


Our beloved Latin City, shall I say, is a very blessed city because of our Nuestra Señora la Virgen del Pilar. Since time immemorial, our city has always been kept away from harm’s way. We truly owe it to her.

The feast of the Lady of the Pillar is only a few days away. The 12th of October is a big fiesta in Latin Zamboanga. Visitors from nearby and far away cities come and flock at the Shrine of the Virgin of the Pillar at Fort Pilar, to light candles and pray. This is a tradition which our visitors and our fellow Zamboangueños do every October, because they believe that Mama Mary hear their prayers and are answered. Even all the true blooded Zamboangueños would like to be home during the Fiesta Pilar, but if they are unable to come, they bond themselves wherever they are and celebrate the feast of the Lady of the Pillar among themselves. Others will give money to Zamboangueños coming home to light candles at the Shrine of Mama Mary.

It is also time for family reunions. People meet friends from other places during the activities our city government has prepared. It’s a day of merry making, parade where the participants wear colorful costumes and dance in the city streets, the beauty pageant for Miss Zamboanga, food festivals, and the procession will culminate at the Shrine of La Nuestra Señora dela Virgen del Pilar, with a mass.

The favorite portion I wait most is the market show, where farmers sell their farm harvest, flower garden enthusiasts sell their rare plants and flowers, and how I enjoy looking at them, and sometimes, I can’t help but put out my purse and buy some, teehee.    By the way, there’s going to be a night market at Paseo del Mar. I guess, this is patterned after the night market of the late Ditos Lobregat at Vista del Mar. I know the locals will flock the night market, just like at the Vista del Mar, and what can stop the people to go, as it is just right in the city.

We are truly blessed. Natural calamities have not frequented our city. The only worst scenario we have are floodings once in a while, but is manageable, unlike the floodings in Luzon where the water rised high as the roofs of the houses. We are also blessed because our city has a good manager in the person of Mayor Celso Lobregat. It is sad because this will be his last term. We only hope that the next mayor we’ll have will be as efficient as he is.