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Thursday, 06 October 2011 15:27


Inspite of the many developed and recognized educational strategies and modern instructional technologies discovered by educational researchers, non-readers and poor attitude of pupils in their study habits stilt remain a gigantic problem in  the Department of Education.

I am not a product of the traditional Educational System but due to some professional readings that I have made I can safely compare the educational outcomes of the previous years with the present educational outcome.

School discipline and home discipline greatly affect the psychological teaching of our pupils perhaps of poor negative attitude and refusal to learn.
Spanish Era

During the pre-historic time when the kartitya method was introduced, the tradition education believe in the saying that “Con La Sangre La Letra Entra”. With the present existing laws that prohibit the implementation of corporal punishment, it has totally changed the attitude of teachers. pupils as well as parents.

Let me enumerate some of these changes to wit:

1. A teacher respects “The rights of the child” as expected. But the most that a teacher can do is to perform her work religiously and professionally. She’s a living model to her pupils and encourages her pupils to study with all the sweet words of motivation especially with pupils with negative attitude. She can not  risk herself and her profession facing administrative changes.

2. Pupils can do as much as they want and misbehave to their heart’s content knowing the limitations of their teachers.

3. Most parents do not serve as co-partners with the teacher in their joint venture in educating their child but, rather cater to the demands of their children and environment. Thus. school discipline affects the psychological outcomes of the pupils. How can our pupils be an agent of change?

It is for this very reason that. environmental community is the one that shapes the community and shapes the individual that shapes the community and because children learned with what they live.

Parents and teachers, school and home must work hand in hand to produce productive citizens, no amount of In-service trainings or seminars can greatly improve our academic performance. It may be to improve the attitude and upgrade the teaching skills of the teachers but not the study habits and attitudes of our pupils. — Celina M. Natividad/Putik Central School