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Thursday, 06 October 2011 15:28


Members of High School Class ’61 of Universidad Zamboanga (Formerly ZAEC) are very enthusiastic, since they will be celebrating their Golden Jubilee on Oct. 8 and 9, this year.    Since I transferred on my 4th year to UZ, I, too, am part of the celebration.

When I attended the meeting at Roseller Enriquez’ residence, my classmates were all in high spirit. Each one of us brought something for our snacks. We did enjoy the afternoon. I had to leave earlier than the others to attend mass that afternoon, but promised to include their names in my column. I’m sure they will all be present during the two-day celebration, and here they are: Melinda P. Fernandez, Soledad Luistro, Zenaida P. Enriquez, Rosella S. Saavedra, Elsa R. De las Peñas, Lourdes B. Santos, Agapito Picardel, Emelina J. Canpilis, Roseller J. Enriquez, Araceli S. Cabato, Pilar B. Celerio, Pacita S. Baredo, Pilar C. Salon, Pedro T. Melad Jr.,Dionisio M. Zapanta, Rose S. Perez, Bernardita L. Chiong, Imelda Mabalot, Rodrigo Raval, Nerisa F. Anlegia, and Ada P. Hass.

This is not a complete list of our classmates’ names. I’m sure there will still be others who will join us, however there are some classmates of ours who had joined our Creator. May their souls rest in peace, and will be remembered in our prayers during the Golden Jubilee celebration. We, the Golden Jubilarians, are so grateful and thankful to our loving Lord and Savior for making us reach our golden years. Hurray to all of us!

Thanks to Elbert Atilano for the birthday greeting card. I got it Last week.                               

Again, I would like to extend my condolence to Norma Camins and family on the demise of her mother!  It’s so sad because they recently experienced another  death in the family.    They just buried a nephew only a few days ago.