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Wednesday, 26 October 2011 14:36

Oh yes, we all like peace, but peace has always been elusive to us, and I think you all agree with me. We may never experience it if the enemies of the government will not lay down their arms, which is a very important factor before sitting on the table to talk peace.

President Noynoy Aquino was right when he refused to declare an all-out war against the MILF, and instead, declared an all-out justice — to run after the perpetrators who were responsible in the Al Barka incident, where 19 soldiers were killed, and a number of soldiers injured. This also includes a number of incidents in Sibugay area too, where trouble has been escalating. I guess while this early, our government troops should do their utmost best to arrest these perpetrators, before they can create more trouble and affect the peace process. I believe, to avoid an all-out war, the MILF hierarchy should surrender their members who are considered rogues of their organization. That is, if they are sincere.

As I said ever since, how can they convince the people of Mindanao,  — both the Christians and the good moros — to join their proposed Bangsa Moro Region when war always escalates? There are killings and kidnappings all the time, and our peaceful beloved Zamboanga sometimes become a killing field. How can you account for all these atrocities? Our government has always been lenient. When rebels come back to the folds of the law, they are given financial and livelihood programs to help them live normally again. But what is happening? How come war is still on going? Lives and properties are lost. Should our government go back in the past and use force, and proclaim Martial Law in Mindanao, until peace will prevail.

Let’s admit it, millions and millions of pesos and dollars had been poured in the ARMM, and yet the attitude of the inhabitants haven’t changed. Can it be the right help isn’t really going in, and instead, the money’s going in the pockets of government officials? These are usually the alleged accusations that we hear all the time. One such example are the Ampatuans amassing great wealth. But then, we can’t fully blame the Ampatuans, when the administration of past president Gloria Arroyo itself was corrupt. We can say the core itself was.

We pray and hope these small wars will not escalate into a bigger war. We will have sunny weather in the next few days. It will be very hot. I’d been transferring my plants to avoid the heat. I am also hoping our national leaders will have cool heads so that they will be able to make good judgements and decisions for the good of our country.