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Friday, 28 October 2011 14:25

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

In the gloomy peace and order situation of Zamboanga City these days, we are grateful for the ray of light wrought by kind and good people who bring joy  instead of sorrow to the people living in Zamboanga City.  Therefore, I write on about the sweetest things that I have seen and heard  which really happened here.

A Hands-on College President-  I am referring to the first lady president of Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSCMST), Dr. Milavel  D. Nalzario.  She does not tolerate harsh treatment for the Nautical and Marine Engineering students.  She says that they are not military trainees and do not treat them so.  Anybody’s son is safe to take up a seamanship course in ZSCMST for as long as she is the president.  She just does not just sit in her office passively listening to the goings on in her campus.   She does not like the papers of seamen who have completed their internship to be unnecessarily delayed in release.   She is where the action is and she knows what’s really going on in her territory.  For as long as she is not out of town she attends even the simplest program of her school.  She is very visible that even the janitors and the gardeners are efficient.  Talk about “ Expect what you can Inspect.”  If you see the plants and the whole landscape of ZSCMST, you can really say that gardening and cleaning is a routinary thing and not just a front done overnight to impress some visitors.  The plants are very healthy and lush and the campus grounds very clean.  This is also the school where the canteen is worth going.  There are lots  appetizing food to choose from, and the service is efficient.  I think Dr. Nalzario does a lot of inspection and follows-up and does not merely delegate and leaves everything to the in-charge then relaxes and presumes that everything is running smoothly.  She goes for herself and scrutinizes.  She is very hands-on and does not neglect anything about her school.  I have also heard that she signs teachers’ benefits early. Ever since she has taken over office, many great improvements have taken place.  They have a new
dormitory and new buses. ZSCMST is now an active participant in competitions and they excel.

Father and Son-  I would like to share  a story about a son  who is our Division Administrative  Officer-V,  Mr. Al Rahimin T.  Kenoh.  What strikes me most about him is his confession  that he has not taken  alcoholic drinks nor  smoked  for as long as he could remember.  He attributes this to his father who taught them proper values through his words and actions.  His father, a very soft spoken gentleman, was the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent before.  Ask any public school teacher in Zamboanga who have taught in his term, they will always say he was a very gentle and softspoken  with everybody.  He was one who really had no enemies.  Anyway, going back to his son,  Mr. Kenoh,  he is one man I see who treats his position as a role and not as a tool to gain adulation but he uses it to help others. He is the only administrative officer I know who meets a loan-er half way.  He told the teaching and the non-teaching staffs that as much as possible, loans will be released one day.  He said, that there are just 4 processes in making a loan and he sees no reason why it should take several days to release it.  He even brought with him forms for the teachers to fill up  so that they would not have to go to the division office and pay additional fare.  You can see that he has every intention to make the life of his clients easy.  I have not yet gone to his office and received disappointing response from him.  Most of the time you are greatly encouraged after talking with him.   Be it about scholarships, grants, leaves with pay, he will always find ways to meet you half way and make it easy for you.  It’s always encouragements with Mr. Kenoh.  He is always for humanitarian consideration and he is fair.  He is kind to everybody and loves to give good news .  One more thing about him is his fondness to his wife.  I like the way he talks to his wife in the phone, quite naughty but very sweet.   I have always been for altruistic people that’s why I am glad that the elder Mr.  Kenoh has duplicated himself in his son  and may their kind increase!

Bethany’s Men- One remarkable thing about the men Behind Bethany Child Development Center,  is that they don’t seem to care that they are THE men behind this fast growing private school. Another noticeable trait about them is their generosity and their passion for efficiency. There is always something that is improving in Bethany.  It may be in the curriculum, system, and the campus.  Their curriculum is very specialized for example for reading, they go to an in-depth study as to how to maximize learning, and this goes for all other aspects in their curriculum.  Their comfort rooms are more than enough and very clean.  The traffic and parking system are systematic.   Everything in Bethany has been meticulously taken into consideration and studied very well by these administrators.  When they are in the campus they    talk and mingle with anyone- parents, children, workers and anybody who is there.  One of these men,  who is called Bai,  who is tall, good looking and a former PBA  player, plays basketball with any kid who wants to.  He coaches basketball for free and is full of positive energy believing that each kid who is disciplined and practices often will succeed as a basketball player.   When the mango trees in the campus have fruits, the students around can just ask and they give freely.  They even ask if they want more.   One time when the teachers wanted to rent the  Bethany school bus they did not charge for the rental but let them buy gasoline.  It is not hard for these Bethany Men to give.

So in this time when  our security is unstable, we can take heart and gain comfort, in the knowledge that there are still good men in this city who make our lives  happy and less  complicated.