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Friday, 04 November 2011 14:44

BY Ismael Amigo, Sr.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is right now in a dilemma.

She has simply found herself in a big quandary, a Shakespearian quandary.

Shakespear’s famous line no less of “to be or not to be, that is the question!” is most appropriate to illustrate of the situation she’s in right now.
A situation that puts anybody into a “damned I don’t, damned if I do” kind of a balancing act.

The good Secretary from the region of Bicol is simply referring to former PGMA’s plans of getting medical attention abroad, in Spain, or somewhere else.

What confounded to this is the bric-a-brac that she got when she got the flak out of former FG Mike Arroyo’s HDO (hold-departure-order) before that was allegedly so damned well issued by the DOJ on FG and was eventually implemented by its line agency, the Bureau of Immigration, amidst the PNP helicopter agency.

Well, FG was supposedly scheduled for a routine check-up with his physician abroad then and she ably got a lot of negative criticisms from different quarters.
Now, it appears Sec. de Lima is again headed to another round of that. 

But this time Sec. de Lima may not be belting out our favorite tune of “all by myself” because Health Secretary Enrique Ona has gotten into the picture.
Malacanang said Health Secretary Enrique Ona “has yet to issue a recommendation on whether or not PGMA’s state of health warrants a treatment abroad and be issued an Allow Departure Order (ADO), the anathema of HDO.

Wise move by Malacanang, least it won’t be threatened anew by a resignation letter coming from Taft Avenue.

Indeed, things are edging closer to boiling point in that part of Mendiola with its never-ending saga down south.

Malacañang’s appeal to the MILF to “cooperate or stand aside” seemingly went with the southern wind. So what will happen now to MILF commander Dan Laksaw Asnawi, who has been declared a fugitive from justice.

MILF vice chairman for political affairs Ghadzali Jaafar averred that “they would not agree to the demand (of the Aquino administration) to surrender Asnawi unless the government follows the mechanisms agreed upon by the two peace panels” according to reports.

Does it call for intensified military ops just to get Asnawi by hook or by crook or follow the line of Jaafar for the government’s end?

Who do you think will blink?

Whatever. What’s certain at this point in time is for us to forget at the moment the already shaky peace process.

And certainly, for sure it’s not just Justice Sec. Leila de Lima who’s in a quandary of Shakespeare’s famous line of “to be or not to be” but her “boss chief” as well.
Let’s wait and see.

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