Why keep the savage beasts? PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 05 November 2011 15:20


It is about time that our Muslim brothers come to terms with the reality that the Abu Sayyaf has metamorphosed into savage outlaws that do not distinguish religion and beliefs in carrying out their vicious crimes. It is foolish to dream that these beasts will ever champion the cause of what they peddle as marginalized communities of Moro people. The fact is that the Abu Sayyaf bandits only succeeded in isolating and the Moro people depriving them of the opportunities that could have been availed of by our brother Muslims.

In every opportunity, the Abu Sayyaf terrorists would nab anyone they suspect have money in their pockets and not satisfied with this demand from the relatives of the victims to ransom them if they want them alive. Many of their victims include Muslim professionals whose income can barely let the loose ends meet. But they are victimized anyway and are subjected to brutalities that only savage beasts have the capacity to commit.

In this era when violence and savagery are condemned by civilized nations, the Abu Sayyaf has no place on earth where they will find and earn sympathy. It is therefore to the best interest of the Moro people in whose territories these elements are moving about to altogether deny them sanctuaries. Otherwise given the hunger of these elements to pounce at anyone that bleeds, Our Muslim brothers will sooner or later find out that they too have become a victim of these savage beasts.