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Saturday, 05 November 2011 15:27

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Here are  some odd stories  that have been revealed from the formal  compositions of my students when I asked them to develop a paragraph on the title “ My Most Unforgettable Moment.”

Here they are, related in the first person, just as how it was written but with some corrections  and modifications  to avoid ambiguity   and distraction .  I also included a note after each story for additional information about the situation.

Pushed from the Jumbo Bridge-  One day when   I was in first year high school,  I walked  with my friends along the Jumbo Bridge of Tetuan.  My friends challenged us to walk on the cemented rails of the bridge.  So we did --  slowly   and nervously.  While I was walking, one of my friends pushed me jokingly, but down I fell into the river of  Tetuan.    I shouted as I landed down the river that was very high at that time because it rained for several days.  I struggled for my life for I did not know how to swim.  I was very angry  because nobody helped me for a long time.  I could see many people looking down at me, but nobody helped me. I continued to struggle trying to keep my head up on the water and calling for help.  Then, when I was about to give up, I was able to cling on to a branch and climbed up the bridge and went home angry.

Note: When I asked the student to read the story in front, she could not finish reading it because the trauma was still there and she trembled and was emotional while reading it.

A Shocking Discovery-  When I was in grade four, my sister brought me to see my aunt who just arrived from Saudi Arabia.  When we reached the house of my lola, where my aunt was,  lots of relatives  were also there.  So, My sister brought me to my aunt, who kissed me and hugged me so tightly.  I was confused because my aunt was crying while hugging me.  I asked my sister why she was crying, and my sister said that my aunt is my mother.  I was very shocked  because I never expected that I would see my mother that day.  I was told that my mother  died when she gave birth to me and now she was here.  My mother ( who I thought was my aunt) ,  called me again to let me decide whether I wanted to stay with my father, with whom I was living with at that time,  or go with her.  My father has been very good to us but he was very poor,  so, I chose to go with my mother.

Note:  This composition was not read in class, but I asked that student why she chose to stay with her mother who was like a stranger to her. She told me that if she stayed with her father, she would not be able to finish her studies.

The Fatal Mango -  I had a friend in Grade  five who bought mango with bagoong from a stranger.  She offered some to me, but since I was not fond of sour food, I refused.  My friend ate all of the mango with much gusto then we went home.  When my friend arrived home, she could not breath and she was feeling pain inside her body and she was grasping for breath.  Her parents rushed her to the hospital and there she died of food poisoning.  It was discovered that the mango had poison in it.

Note:  The student told me that during that time, they just lingered a little in school before going home when the stranger sold them the mango.  She could not remember the peddler, only that  he had several mangoes in little plastics with bagoong for sale.

The Empty Cabinet-  One morning when I woke up, I looked inside our cabinet and  saw that all of the clothes of my mother were gone.  I looked in the room and I looked around the house for her but she was not anywhere to be found.  I received a call from my mother in the night telling us that that we will just stay with our grandmother because she will not come back anymore.  I thought she was just joking, but my grandmother said that it’s true.  The worst part is when I saw my father kissing another woman near the house that night.  If my mother will come, I will really tell her how much my sister suffered in the hands of my aunt and I will tell her how much I love her.  I am very angry with my mother but I hope she will come back to us.  But that was 4 years  ago so I don’t know if she will still come back.

Note:  This girl was one of my problematic students and at second year high school had a serious relationship with her boyfriend,  constantly craved for  attention and had a problem with honesty.

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