SQUARE POINT: Our hearts bleed for Baailan PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 09 November 2011 13:47

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

At the headquarters of major military command flew the Philippine flag at half mast in honor of the 19 soldiers who were recently killed in a remote town of Basilan with several others reportedly wounded,

As usual an investigation is being conducted by top AFP officials to determine the real cause or blunder, if any, committed by whose side among the protagonists. If you recall, this is not the first time to happen where many brave soldiers perished in defense of their motherland. If there’s anything abnormal that could have sparked the macabre incident, we cannot comment on that for we’re not privy to military management especially the ground operation in that particular area. Let the AFP hierarchy divulge the real score without fear or disgrace.

Nevertheless, we have some points to convey to public perception. Such gruesome event was repeated at a time when the government and the MILF leadership are preoccupied with the peace negotiations by way of a truce. Our relatives and friends in Basilan are apparently in consternation with regards to the quest for peace.
P-Noy with his peace advisers are exerting all efforts to attain lasting peace here in Mindanao and the country as a whole. We cannot blame the Basileños for feeling that way.

Consequently a peace maker blurted that what happened in a town named Albarka  was a mere isolated case. So during a peace negotiation amidst a truce, can we just allow violent confrontation and shedding of blood to happen? Is it just an ordinary case to see 19 soldiers killed by lawless rebels, bandits or terrorists?

When Basilan was then a city under the leadership of well-known Mayor Leroy Brown, I cannot recall of a bloody incident like this one. It has become a province and
divided into several towns, now integrated into the ARMM. What difference does it make? Kidnappings, killings, bombings, beheading of poor victims and all forms of lawlessness, instead of progress and development. That’s the truth, though it really hurts. What happened to this lovely, peaceful Island of Basilan?

A point to ponder— the people who love Basilan, their hearts bleed for all the tribulations — including us.