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Thursday, 10 November 2011 13:44


Every land has its own unique culture that makes it different from other parts of the world. When emigrating from one’s homeland to another, people often adapt to the new culture in order to fit in. At the same time, they merge with and hold on to their original ways of life.

We are then very fortunate enough that we have some linkages to the different countries thus the creation and establishment of the United Nations help us such to maintain international peace and promote cooperation in solving international economic, social and humanitarian problems.

Based on my research, the United Nations officially came into existence on October 24, 1945; upon ratification of the charter by the five permanent members of the
Security Council like France, the Republic of China, Soviet Union, United Kingdom and the United States and by majority of the others 46 signatories.

Is the existence of the United Nations has an implication and importance to us? The short answer to my very own question is a big YES!

The United Nations provides a place for the countries of the world to do three things.

First and most important. United Nations allow countries a neutral means of communication. This is important because most conflicts that don’t involve fighting over things can be resolved if both sides sit down and talk it out.

Secondly, United Nations is a world government. It regulates the activity of the world’s governments in a basic sense, thus the amount of power the U.N can exert on a sovereign nation. It is a place where treaties can be agreed upon, such as human rights issues, or pollution control which generates the laws which the United Nations can impress upon its members. And thirdly, the U.N. generally works towards world solutions to avoid more conflict and serious problems among nations and to work toward the world getting along better.

We connect with other nations as we discover a place, a culture, and a life that is different from our own. An understanding of these differences brings us closer to our foreign brothers and sisters despite regional and cultural disparities. We journey across the land. We fly like butterflies as we aim for freedom, for PEACE and Unity.