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Thursday, 10 November 2011 13:47

BY Ismael Amigo, Sr.

Presumably President Aquino is bent on what to decide on former PGMA and now Pampanga Representative on the latter’s desire to seek medical treatment abroad.

Whatever will be his decision may be, it would surely gather storm of disgust especially that Filipinos have a soft spot for ailing fellowmen, good or bad.

This is the same spot when President Noy were to decide on whether to allow or not the burial previously of FM at the Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

Shakespeare’s  “To be or not to be” phrase always seems to be cropping up at every turn of President Noy’s administration.  

Concrete decisions methinks could only be the antidote to this kind of predicament whoever it would be at the helm in Malacanang.

Going back to PGMA, officials of ailing former PGMA says she has another option that she can consider to get an honest assessment of her condition other than a bone biopsy in another country.

According to PMA (Philippine Medical Association) governor in Dr. Leo Olarte a radio isotope scan or bone scan is a ready alternative, saying that is even better because its non-invasive (no operation required) compared to bone biopsy.

But no. The heck with it. Former PGMA simply has some other things (to do) in mind as it shows.

And mind you, she’s playing everything now to her own advantage even putting P-Noy in a great quandary.
Take a look at this.

The top honcho of one of RP’s biggest and influential political parties, the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) is sold to PGMA’s idea to seek medical treatment

He is no other than Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr., an uncle of President Noy, Kris Aquino, et al.

So why can’t President Noy allow former PGMA get a foreign opinion on her medical status when his uncle favours the same.

The thing here that cannot be seen by the naked eye perhaps is the humanitarian side of things.

Because, no matter what people say about the former president of the land, she remains a human being, a Filipino and of course, a former chief executive of the Philippines.

It’s as simple as that.

Who knows, President Noy may reap more praises or Pogi Points other than bad presses if he’d finally decide to allow GMA to travel abroad.

Anyways, her lawyer averred that GMA’s request specifically states her leave of absence, ETD and EDA.

Isn’t it fair enough?

And if she wants to exit and escape her impending prosecution on different cases of graft so be it.

Lest we forget an adage that says, Men can get away with the laws of the land easy but may not in the eyes of the Lord.

Indeed, final judgment rests not on earth but in heaven.

Will somebody whisper this to P-Noy’s Bulong Squad please…

Paging Sec. Ronald Llamas!  — 1st-APLUMA (1st-Alliance of Provincial Newspaper Publishers