SQUARE POINT: Die the hero’s way PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 10 November 2011 13:50

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Many tears were shed, many hearts bled when the news broke out— a big number of soldiers were killed, wounded and missing as a result of a heavy firefight in a delinquent town somewhere in the hinterland of Basilan,

Wives and children of the slain soldiers as well as friends, relatives and fellow soldiers wept bitterly and grieved in deep sorrow for the violent death of those Army troops during a fierce encounter with the armed MILF rebels.

Indisputably soldiers are called and trained to fight, if necessary, to die for their country. Once embedded in the military service, traditionally a soldier walks with death like a shadow by his side. However, though soldiers are bound by the law of war and all existing AFP rules, yet they’re human beings endowed with the right to live. They remain a part of their families with obligations to comply aside from the sworn military commitment.

We wanted to shut up about this issue, but our hearts would burst with emotions listening to the anguish and sentiments of the bereaved loved ones as they wait for the remains to arrive.

After all, we, the sovereign people, are still supreme in this Republic which happened to be a democratic land on this planet. No offense meant.

According to reports, the AFP officials are filing a case of murder and assault against the adversaries, a group of MILF armed rebels. However, the MILF spokesman claimed that the military has violated the ceasefire  agreement for not coordinating with the MILF before conducting said pursue operation.

Reportssaid that in about six times that happened in this particular town, this is the bloodiest encounter ever. We can never learn a simple lesson in our assigned task in performing the major function in the service. Why allow to repeat this macabre incident at the expense of the brave soldiers who are compliant to orders from superior officers? If reports are true, operation lapses must be avoided once and for all.

A vital point from our readers— if soldiers have to die for their country, then it must be heroically and not the erroneous way.