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Friday, 11 November 2011 13:25

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

I read Proverbs 9:9 to my kids the other night before tucking them to sleep.  “Anything you say to the wise will make them wiser.  Whatever you tell the righteous will add to their knowledge.”

“Who are the  wise?”, my daughter asked me.  “The wise are the people who always want to do what is right and good,” I replied.

Then I started contemplating on the wisdom and knowledge that I was able to pick up here and there from different people and experiences and have contributed greatly  to my comfort and happiness in this life.

Here at some, written randomly as I remember them:

First in Rank
When my eldest child just started kindergarten,  I  did my best that she would finish first  in her class and better yet,  among all the  kindergarten students  in the whole school.  I thought that if she will  always  be first,  it will develop into a habit  and my daughter herself would always be striving to be first, even in life.  When I told my father about this brilliant idea of mine, he told me this:  “ Have you seen the parents outside the room of your daughter?  All of them aspire to make their children the first in the class.”  Then he continued, “ Instead, strive that they be Godly.”  My elder sister always says that she’d rather that her children  be moral than the top of their class.  My friend too, declares that she prefers her children  be helpful than  very bright.  I agree, and am grateful for learning this when my kids were still small  and for a long time now have adhered to this principle. 
Of course, I would like my children to be excellent in all their ways, to value education and to be ambitious.  But the reasons for these now is not because I want  them to be the brightest nor the richest or the most popular in the group, but because in doing so, they establish straight paths for their feet, they are more able to help others when they are successful rather than when they are poor and they reap the blessings  of wisdom  for according to Proverbs,  “Wisdom gives lasting wealth and happiness.”
Be Worthy of Freedom
My student clamored for a freedom wall in the classroom.  ‘What is that”? I asked.  They explained that it is a cartolina or manila paper that is pasted  on the wall where they can post their sentiments freely.  Curious to what goes on in the mind of the students, I consented.  It was a very noisy  morning that day where animated  students  tried their hardest to gain a space in the manila paper.  It was also very interesting and funny to see the anonymous letters of girls to boys,  and vice versa, naughty, teasing notes  from mischievous boys to the gays,  greetings of best friends to best friends and many other verbal antics that I could never have imagined writing myself.  As the days progressed,  freedom also progressed.  They started posting vulgar language  and hurled unkind hurtful words via the freedom wall.
Then I put a stop on it.  I told them that they felt very free to trespass language ethical conventions because they would not be known.  So I told them, always use your freedom to do what is right.  When the teacher is not watching, chose to be honest.  Use your freedom of speech to benefit your hearers;  when you are alone with your  boyfriend or girlfriend, choose to be pure.  When the leader of the monitorial group is lax, choose to clean just the same.  After all, we benefit from our right   choices because our decisions now will determine the kind of life we will have in the future.
Be Cautious in Making Loans-
I am thankful to that elderly teacher who was sitting beside me in the bus in my first day as a teacher in the public school.  There was quite a stir in the bus that morning.  I wondered what it was all about.  Then I heard figures like P45,000-P60,000 that  is granted by a certain bank.  I was mesmerized.  Teaching in a public school is so much  better than I ever thought!  The teacher beside  me said that loans are just good when you receive it and then you pay  a big amount afterwards.  How could I have ever thought that the benefit was one way?    Only to me wards?  Because of that wise teacher, I have never developed the habit of making  loans.  Loans are a blessing  because you have a ready financial resource when you need it without the need of borrowing from somebody, but  “loaning” just for the sake, like what I was planning to do twenty years ago when I was just starting  as a public school teacher is a bane.
Don’t Take Anybody For granted
My  father used to say, “Just because somebody does not seem to mind, does not mean he does not notice”  For example,  a generous man has no problem with including you in the fare or in paying for your snacks, If  most of the time you delay payment so that he will pay for you,  that man will notice.  He may be silent about it, but it does not mean he was oblivious of your intention.  When generosity is just one-sided, the other side spending the money,  will notice that you are always  a free rider and will feel that you are taking advantage of him.  Therefore, the solution for this, is to also try your best to beat the generous man in paying fare or snacks.  If you are staying with somebody and you are eating with them for free, then, sometimes you can sponsor a meal by bringing home food for everyone in the house,  or treating their children to Jollibee.
These are but some pieces of wisdom which I have learned from others that have since become a part of  me.  I pay attention to wisdom because only in doing so  I am safe and happy. — E mail me at