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Saturday, 12 November 2011 14:41

BY Ismael Amigo, Sr.

Our headline is an adjective with which the dictionary defines as (1) a word of or pertaining to King Solomon and (2) wise or reasonable in character: e.g., a Solomonic decision.

And that seems to be what President Noy seemingly opted in coming up with the decision on CGMA’s plea to seek medical treatment abroad.

Well, the Department of Justice under Sec. Leila de Lima simply turned it down on reasons of “national interest” while President Noy offered to bring in doctors from abroad if that’s what CGMA wishes to have foreign medical experts to look after her ailment.

That’s safe a decision to have while solomonic in character and could somewhat save President Noy face and polish off public sentiment.
A little toast to his advisers.

Indeed, there is a touch of humanitarianism in there but the truth is President Noy simply shot down the camp of CGMA’s plea for her to seek treatment abroad for all intents and purposes of keeping her in the country to face the perceived legal questions she may have both real and imagined.

One of these was raised/filed by Sen. Koko Pimentel purportedly on large scale graft and corruption.

And that, in any court, would be a case filed under CGMA vs The People of the Philippines.

But whatever effort President Noy has at glossing over public sentiment of keeping CGMA in, the Catholic Church has shown more heart than him by coming up with the statement it favors more to heed the request of CGMA.

And of course, former first gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo slammed President Aquino for turning down the travel request of former President on reasons of “national interest.”

FG  said that this “unmasks the present government for what it really is: a bunch of schoolyard bullies who have no platform of government aside from exacting street vengeance for perceived wrongs while running roughshod over legal processes designed to prevent governmental excesses.”

But with the number of Catholic bishops, even as some of whom are Arroyo’s fiercest critics before, warned the Aquino administration’s disapproval of her petition to seek medical treatment abroad could “boomerang” on them.

Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz said he believed that the government should allow Arroyo to travel abroad to prevent chaos should something “really bad” happen to her.

When wise men say something, we should lend an ear.

Let’s wait and see. — 1st-APLUMA (1st-Alliance of Provincial Newspaper Publishers) Email esns03@yahoo.com/Mobile 0915-5517486