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Wednesday, 16 November 2011 15:37


Education Program (SPED) existed many years ago thereby countless people had seen and met Special Children roughly around campuses but only a small numberhad unlocked their hearts  wide enough to be touched by these God’s special creation. Worse, even “family members” would refute them for some delicate and palpable reasons. 

Pursuing the Education Department’s ultimate goal which is the inclusion of special children into the regular program and society, majority of special education coordinators, principals, and teachers put forth a lot of effort in maximizing the information drive through distribution of fliers and leaflets, radio advertisement, mass media, conduct orientation and seminars regarding Special Education (SPED) in every community and schools.

Regional SPED Supervisor Mr. Ramel P. Cael along with two teachers from Sta. Maria Central School (SMCS) – writers of this article, for quite sometimes —  have  envisioned in coming up with an information dissemination campaign in some selected areas/schools regarding Special Education (SPED) but through unfailing prayers, finally the realization of this dream came to reality through Triba Media Direct TV and Creatives .

August 13, 2011, Saturday was the official launching of the advocacy TV show for SPED with its program title “Special Education Ngayon”, praiseworthy individuals working with SPED extended optimistic responses to the TV program and it even received financial assistance from friends abroad in the persons of Mr. & Mrs. Armando Wong and Mr. & Mrs. Mar Del Rosario and family. Also from acquaintances, friends and parents with big heart for these Special Children by watching through internet and cable channel every Saturday from 1:30 – 3:30 in the afternoon.

Special Education Ngayon episode I was with Prof. Yolanda N. Natividad, former multi awarded SPED teacher and currently the principal of the Elementary Department, WMSU. According to her, being a SPED teacher is exigent but gratifying. Prof. Natividad even gave some sort of advice to all administrators who have limited knowledge to augment their awareness about SPED and primarily have a “heart” for these special children.

The 2nd episode was with a retired Master Teacher I of Baliwasan Central school who handled children with autism in particular. Mrs Lorenza B. Jailani shared some of her meaningful experiences in modifying childrens’ behavior and educating them. She said that her days with special ones are worth cherishing for whereever they may be and whoever their teacher may be at present.

The 4th, 6th and 13th episodes featured the proud and confident parents and with their special children from SMCS. Mrs. Sonia Fernando and son Charlson, Mrs. Elsa Esperat and son Daniel, Mrs. Minerva Padua and daughter Marixie, Mr. Roque Hamsirani and daughter Nurshiba.  They also revealed that it was never easy and painless to have such children in the family more so to send them to school with intense needs. Good enough the SPED teachers of their children are passionate to cater and meet the wide variety and extreme needs of their children. They too believe that being part of their lives is a blessing.

The 5th episode was such a special one with Congresswoman Maria Ysabelle Climaco Salazar. She expressed her undying advocacy and support for Special Education and one attempt is to look into the professional growth of SPED teachers. She was also “serenaded” by a special child with visual impairment of SMCS Nurshiba L. Hamsirani. Cong.Climaco was overjoyed and guaranteed to come back for another TV guesting in the future.

As young but competent instructor of the College of Education, WMSU teaching would be SPED teacher, Mr. Vinnee Gerard Elicano imparted his expertise on classroom set-up and restructuring. He said that classrooms need not be extravagant looking but in accordance with the wide variety needs of special children.

SPED Ngayon TV program welcomes guests from different occupations and its 7th episode was with a Registered Nurse in the person of Miss. Maryflor N. Del Rosario. With confidence, she candidly said that “hopefully this big heart of mine for special children will really help them and if you cannot reach big dreams, small dreams you can”. With these statements she pledged to come up with a Love Drive for selected SPED pupils in SMCS. According to her, she will start to connect with friends here and abroad to realize her “small dream”. In same manner Ms. Del Rosario was tapped as special co-host of the TV program.

Eight episode was with Councillor Rudy Lim who reiterated that differently abled individuals are well protected and given equal rights and privileges as stipulated in RA 7277 or otherwise known as Magna Carta for Disabled Person.    Hon. Lim made an appeal to all concerns to bring special children to schools offering SPED and provide quality and lifelong learning suitable to their needs.    After Lim was Rotary club President Mr. Rikki Lim, who overloaded with good news for differently abled persons from past, present and future through their club.

Newly installed Zamboanga City Division OIC office of the superintendent Mr. Pedro Melchor M. Natividad was the special guest during the 9th episode.

Mr. Natividad proudly declared that under his administration, he  will personally look into the SPED program and the welfare of all SPED teachers since they perform an ever rewarding task day by day. According to him prayers matter most in the success of his administration.  Evidently he is truly making a great difference to the lives of children with exceptionality.

Special Education Ngayon TV program yet hopes for more episodes to come in honor of all Special/Differently Abled Person. Mr. Cael (program mentor) and the writers of this article (anchor) are persuaded that their advocacy will have its triumph through God’s grace.  — Marinel M. Atilano & Glenna R. Nocum