Gov’t pushes for bio-technology in conserving flora and fauna PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 18 November 2011 15:05


The Philippine government is pushing for the implementation of bio-technology through the DNA Bar-coding Project in order to systematize proper identification and documentation of various species of plants and animals endemic in the country.

“The intention of this (bar-coding project) is for us to be able to stake claims on species that are endemic to our country,” stated Director Candida B. Adalla of Biotech Program Implementation Unit of the Department of Agriculture. The idea is for future generations of Filipinos to reap the benefits of bar-coding. How so?

Currently, the project has already started bar-coding the country’s various indigenous species of plants and animals.
The full inventory of our endemic species will then be registered in the International Barcode of Life (iBOL), an international organization which systematically registers biological species from all countries around the world.

Adalla added that proper documentation of our endemic species would allow us to reap the economic values of these diverse species and future generations will also be able to enjoy the benefits of conserving our indigenous species. Any nation that uses our bar-coded flora and fauna will have to pay for it.

Moreover, Adalla said that this bar-coding is very important in the light of what happened years ago to the production of nata de coco, then a rage in health and wellness. Greed overtook nata de coco producers resulting in quality-poor products. In the wings was Japan that produced and controlled the quality of nata de coco; it was able to register the product and hence benefited from this product.

The Philippines, a country rich in biodiversity, is home to thousands of animal and plant species many of which are endemic or can only be found in the country.”We must bar-code our pili, abaca, certain varieties of rice, fish, and the like,” she added.

Adalla was the guest in the program “Talking Points” aired over Radio ng Bayan and People’s Television (PTV-4).