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Monday, 21 November 2011 13:35

BY Ismael Amigo, Sr.

No matter what, this corner wishes to congratulate the Aquino Administration for that swift delivery of arrest warrant on CGMA.

Congratulations too in giving out a good example of political will.

Congratulations too in giving out an example on how to catch the “Big fish” in the political aquarium.

Congratulations too to President Noy’s political advisers for decisively slamming home what must be done.

After all, what are they in power for if they can’t tailor out what must to be done in keeping in the country CGMA and company?


And for that, former president Joseph Ejercito Estrada could be grinning from ear to ear now.

“Karma ‘yan kay CGMA,” as they say.

We just hope, P-Noy’s boys won’t stop from there.

With the leader of the pack now under hospital arrest, this corner could only hope other fishes that used to brag their big scales before would be snagged by P-Noy’s gigantic fish net in the next few days.

We could only hope too, the administration of President Noy will not become complacent and forget about its social contract with the Filipino people because governance is not just about hauling into prison perceived big scale plunderers.

And that’s what we have been driving home before or from the very start of President Noy’s Administration in 2010.
We need examples, decisive examples.

Truth to be told, 1st APLUMA have had been rolling out articles on “just letting her (CGMA) go” yes, for humanitarian reasons nothing more nothing less.
Dura lex, sed lex. The law is harsh, but it is the law.

Now, this would certainly appear as a big turnaround from my previous piece but what we were trying to imply was this: The Aquino Administration may extend a humanitarian act by allowing CGMA seek medical care abroad on a long leash and save itself from any political backlash whatsoever in case CGMA’s health condition degenerates.

But the flipside of it, methinks goes this way: President Noy gambled more against the political backlash that will befell him if and when the “Big fish” slips away from their hands and swim its way into deeper waters, out of reach.

And that’s a bigger risk. Indeed.

And now it’s a much, much better scene to just watch the biggest gold fish from inside a controlled aquarium.

Congratulations to you Boss Ronald. Good job!

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