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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 15:19


It looks like everybody is writing about Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her imminent life imprisonment. Those in power and identified with it are crying for blood. They want her jailed and, if the death penalty wasn’t abolished, her head for allegedly cheating her way to the palace along the Pasig river. Her culpability will be determined by the court of law, if the government prosecutors can prove beyond reasonable doubt that she was guilty of committing electoral fraud. The People’s Court has indeed found her guilty. Is there pity left for her considering her physical condition? She will be stoned, nevertheless, for that is how it appears to be. If we must be constantly vigilant against intolerance and injustice as Franklin Delano Roosevelt asserted, then GMA must be given her day in court – not on television, newspaper or radio; not at the office of the justice secretary; and definitely not in Malacanang.

So, President Aquino’s fight against corruption moves on, just like life must. It is a wonder why only Abalos and Bedol were named co-accused in this case when dozens were involved in the plot to get her re-elected in 2004. Now, the multitudes jeer at her and her husband. It is the kind of raspberry that rings loudly up to Tondo and the blighted areas where P-Noy has yet to liberate the poor from the depth of poverty and deprivation. The court will have to evaluate the voluminous tampered election returns that will be presented before it as evidence by the complainants. It will take years before judgment is rendered. Meanwhile, P-Noy and his horsemen have to live with the reality that millions of Filipinos have to be fed, clothed, housed, educated and cared for. He has four or so more years left to wield his magic wand and lift the poor from bondage as he so promised during the last presidential campaign. He will no longer have GMA around to put the blame on. From hereon, the mode of his governance will be more glaring. He will have to find another distraction, a diversion so that his weaknesses, if any, will not be manifested. I wish him the best of luck.
* * * *

In case you’re wondering why I have not been writing regularly, it’s because age is catching up and laziness is playing a major part of it. Besides, trying to make a decent living away from the corridors of local political power is not an easy thing to do. But, I’ll try to make up for lost time. Sorry, dear readers.
* * * *

Incidentally, my family welcomes Unna Lael Jaldon to this world. She came to earth last Sunday (Nov. 20) from my son, Michael, and daughter-in-law, Kei, at the Makati Medical Center. Now, Mila and I have three grand children to take care of — two boys and a girl.