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Tuesday, 22 November 2011 15:20

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

The wife grieved in tears as she looked at the bloodied lifeless body of her husband. All of a sudden her dreams were shattered; her family was thrown in shambles for the man whom they solely depend on was shot and killed by the motorbike robbers. The young children wept bitterly for the only hope of their lives was taken away from them. How can they pursue their studies for a brighter tomorrow when their hardworking father was gunned down by merciless rascals who prey on bikers in the streets as a means of living?

If they want to take his motorcycle, why do they have to kill him? They took it away and so with his precious life, in between sobs she tried to pour out everything that seems to explode inside her heart. How many wives were made widows, how many children were left orphaned in the hands of heartless robbers?
Carnappers or motor bike robbers are now bolder than before. They’re more savage and trigger happy that just taking what they want is not enough, but to shed blood in the pursuit of their wickedness.

Some of our readers suggested that the law enforcers should impose the iron fist policy in solving the carnapping problem here in Zamboanga City. It means that those armed robbers should be dealt with severely by the muzzles of the guns. If they use bullets in ruining our civilized society, then it is but appropriate to give them a dose of their own medicine.

If they cannot be tamed or docile by mere reprimand, then apply the full force of the law. He cannot afford to lose many fruitful lives before we can finally solve this particular problem in our city. the apprehensive bikers told us. We’ve learned that a number of motor riders can’t help getting scared while traversing the city streets especially in the evening,

However, a ranking police officer who is our friend is against this opinion saying that our society is governed by the rule of law. Guns should be used as a last recourse in defense of the people, country and the Constitution. When all efforts turn useless and futile, then draw the gun and fire it, he pointed out.

Of course, the Commission on Human Rights is vigilant about it. And the doctrine in our justice system— before the eyes of the law anyone is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise.

The point is— the bullets of the bike robbers don’t care about human rights nor respect any law.