TICKLE ME PINK: Hurray to the Filipino people PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 November 2011 15:23


The way I look at it, Filipinos are truly honest. It showed during the fight of Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez. Everyone who have seen the fight admits the Mexican boxer won over Pacman., but what can we do when the judges voted in favor of Manny Pacquiao..

Even Filipino analysts said our Pinoy champ didn’ give his best during the fight. Kidding aside, one analyst said he even thought Willie Nepomuceno was impersonating Pacquiao, because he said Pacquiao wasn’t fighting the way he should have had. In the beginning, it was noticeable Marquez kept backing out of Manny’s punches from Rounds 1 to five, and I guess Manny became confident that the Mexican was scared of him, which was a wrong move on his part because Marquez became aggressive and that’s where he started receiving strong punches from him.

Oh my, I thought that when Pacman would taste the pain of Juan Marquez’ punches, this will enrage him like a bull and attack Marquez to the fullest, but I was wrong..  You know something? I guess the judges need to explain point by point what the points where that made Pacman win to appease his opponent. I was in the company of my husband and his classmates Fred Dalipe, Lando Francisco, Felix Manalo, Romy Ozaeta, and our son Veepee, and we were all saying what a bad fight it was because our champ will lose his welterweight title. When all of a sudden, the announcement came that Manny Pacquiao won!    Teehee, it was the greatest surprise we got that afternoon.

Can you imagine that? Even in the facial appearance of Manny before the announcement was made, he himself knew he was going to lost, and Jinky’s face showed it too, and what a great surprise they got. One analyst said Manny had no full concentration with his boxing career, because he has so much in his mind, being a representative, a singer, an artist, also a businessman, and perhaps a lover too, hehe, . Am joking only. In one way, we are proud he made it, but I guess, he has to choose what he wants to be in his life, because, as a congressman in his district, he has been abandoning it. You can’t be a Representative in name only.

Our Pinoys are honest to themselves and I am proud to be one. Our conscience tells us Juan Marquez won. I even said that it was useless for Manny to do the sign of the cross unless he knocks out his opponent, and indeed, miracles of all miracles, he still retained his title.