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Friday, 25 November 2011 14:41

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

For a long time now, I have been wearing the yellow hat.  All other hats are important, but I find great contentment in the yellow hat.

I will tell you about these hats lest you wonder what I am talking about. Edward de Bono was nominated for a Nobel award for his concept of the six thinking hats. This is a thinking tool for group activities  or individual thinking which he labeled in hat colors.  With this tool, the facilitator can direct the audience in uniform thought direction depending on the hat he lets them wear.  The premise of this method  is that,  the human brain thinks in a number of distinct ways which can be  identified. These  different states  of the mind are assigned a color --  White hat is purely for information without involving emotions — Just plain, pure facts; Red hat is for emotions without  needing to justify what you feel;  black hat is for  the negative points, the disadvantages of something, caution; green hat is for creativity,  blue hat  for thinking -- thinking about thinking; yellow hat  stands for  the positive attributes, the advantages and the bright side of things. 

I will consciously wear the yellow hat up my head as I write this article,  because it’s November,  Thanksgiving Month  and  I shall  deliberately look for some great treasures from  things that are  seemingly commonplace.

Good Health -- For a little headache,  sore throat, in-grown or pimple  that make you irritable, remember, that it is not yet cancer , brain tumor or leprosy.  It is only a common ailment many people also have,  especially when the weather is very hot.  Of course, the ailment should be treated, but we should not allow it to make us impatient  and cranky with the people around us especially with our children, spouse and other family members.  I learned this attitude when my daughter was three years old and had a bad attack of asthma.  She was having difficulty  breathing and sleeping.  I was very worried  that night that I said to myself that if  she would get well that very moment,  I would  jump for joy.   Then I thought, of the time when  she was well.  I was just  behaving ordinarily, like  being impatient  with the simple cares in life, then I realized that I should have been elated then when she was  still in good health.  Why should I still wait for sickness and decide to be happy when she got well?  Now, for as long as my family and I  have good health, I will chose to rejoice and be glad that we not suffering from anything serious.

Work-  Whatever it may be, and however dreary  and tiresome, thank God that you are independent.  You are better off than many who have to wait for dole-outs. The work may not give us much, but there is something we can do to provide for ourselves and others.  Somebody has hired us, and from where we are, we can plan and work out for the next step in work we would want to make.

I had a friend whose husband was fired from work.  She was devastated.  It was not easy to comfort her, then she realized that she still had her career and they would not be  dependent on welfare yet.  There just had to be some adjustments in the lifestyle for a while, but with regards to happiness, well, happiness is a matter of choice.

Family- I read a book a long time ago that had this suggestion:  When somebody is rude to you in the office, be thankful that he is just a co-worker or an employee of that office you’re having transactions with.  Be thankful, that he or she is not your wife or husband or an immediate family member, whom you have to see first thing in the morning and deal with everyday.  It is just a short exchange you have with him, then you can forget about him or her after that.

When I am under pressure doing some eleventh hour task like ironing the uniform of a daughter who did not prepare her things the night before, I just think that one day she’ll  be away from home most of the time for  reasons like education, work or marriage.  I’ll be an old lady then, musing, over the good old days when I was the one calling the shots in the family and they all depended on me to prepare their lunch boxes, for allowance and even the ironing of their uniforms when we are almost late for school and office. I would wish that I were still the important one in the family.  Therefore, I shall cherish every moment now, when all my kids still stay with me, with everyone of them trying to get my attention. I am flattered and very pleased.  The day will come when I might just be able to see and have the opportunity to serve them during reunions.  Therefore I shall take my fill in the childhood of my children.

Water system- What if we had to walk very far then queue to get water? We would think of how nice it would be  if we did not have to walk far just to get around 20 gallons of water for our daily consumption but  had water  in our own  backyards.  Now water is inside our houses, not just in the backyard, and it comes out in the faucet.  You’ve just got to turn the tap and water is yours as much as you like!  What if we were ship- wrecked for 12 days and there really is no  water to drink  in the middle of the ocean? 

My brother-in-law,  a ship captain, just rescued 2 shipwrecked victims in the middle of the sea of Columbia.  They were afloat when suddenly they heard the most piteous cry they ever heard: “ Ayuda Me e e e e e e e e!!!!!!”  Then they saw two people holding on to the remains of their once private ship.  He instructed one of the crews to keep a steady eye on the two sufferers because they were just as big as pea, and could get  lost easily from sight  in the whiteness of the foaming waves.  He called the coast guards straightaway and when the rescue team arrived, these two casualties pleaded for water.  At present, that we can drink as much water as we want to, let us wear the yellow hat and be grateful.  Some people out there are, in much anguish due to lack of water.  Let us not wait for the scarcity of this precious  liquid that we have to rend our clothes and beg  God to have mercy and send us water that we might not die.  Let us be happy  grateful  now,  for the  blessing of  clean clear water in abundance.

There are so many other blessings that we often times take for granted, but when they are withheld from us, will cause us great sorrow and suffering.  Therefore, let us all don the yellow hat,   and rejoice that “God is in heaven, ‘tis alright with the world.”