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Friday, 25 November 2011 14:44


Nice to read novels on the Lost Chalice or the Holy Grail where the Knight Templar’s went from one city to another for the quest. The thrill is an upbeat that seems to be pulling you to the real scenario and you wish to be in the medieval time then. Well not counting yet the dragons spewing fire and the rest. Fantasy it is indeed!

But time now to go real. Every human being exists with a discoverer inside of him. He has a Ferdinand Magellan, a Christopher Columbus and a James Cook inside him. That is amazing! Exploring is part of our being an intricate person.

Unknown to us every day we discover things that worth to be celebrating but because of too much familiarity, we drop them to be just as ordinary. How was it when you learnt first to cook, when you knew to manage online, when your first book you finished to read and the fact you hated reading? These are personal discoveries.

Extraordinary things only happen on blue moons while the ordinary happen every single day. Do you know what sanity is to this spectrum? To live one day at a time, appreciate the normal things and take small achievements as already extra ordinary. That makes one life exciting!

Man reached the moon, scraped every single square inch of the ocean floors, championed Mt. Everest and now almost to break through the cure of cancer. We’ve abilities that animals do not have. And great truth to know WE AIN’T ANIMALS! Acting brute is malady or a disorder that definitely needs either medical or psychological attentions.

In exploration, risk is part of the lump. Risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. You never know until you try anything. Maybe at least once! What if we never tried ice cream, never tried to ride a bike, and never tried anything new? So keep reaching, keep striving, keep dreaming, keep trying. You never know what you might be missing or discovering.

Many do not like risk because it is the unknown. It is a gamble where 50% chances or more is a lose but how about the other 50%? When Columbus told the intellectual society of Europe that the globe is round he was laughed at. The Wright brothers when they publicly showed their blueprints of the first flying machine they were criticized. These were men who took risks. Needless to say the unknown was their only common friend. They belong to the anals of hall famers that you and I can be members with one criterion or a qualification—we will be WILLING!

What do you think is the greatest discovery a man can ever do in his lifetime? It is when you discover your real YOU. Your identity is worth more than all the diamonds and treasures in the world combined. There are five aspects of our identities we ought to discover and must be willing to explore—1. Our make-up including our temperaments and designs; 2. Our weaknesses and strengths; 3. Our abilities; 4. Our destinies and 5. Our Connections.

OUR MAKE-UP -there are no two human beings the same. Everyone is unique and one of a kind. Even identical twins do not possess 100% sameness. Do you know then your uniqueness? It’s a usual tendency of mistake to right away compare ourselves to others. Stronger personalities are looked up as virtual standards. It is wrong!

God bless you. (to be continued.)