BLAZING THOUGHTS: Firecrackers, fireworks should be banned! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 November 2011 13:39

BY Al Kenoh

The move of the city government to totally ban the use of firecrackers, rockets and all forms of exploding fireworks in this city is appropriate and very much timely.

Logically we have to avoid all kinds of explosions in our lives. They connote destructions, misfortunes and miseries in the lives of the people. The intention may be good in celebrating the yuletide season and the coming of the New Year, but the consequence is inevitable. In return for the pleasure and excitement in rejoicing with friends, an arm or finger, an eyesight or life may be lost, a house or entire neighborhood may be reduced to ashes. That must be a toll too heavy to pay or too harsh to endure.

With the kind of peace and order condition we have, somewhat erratic and fickle, a big explosion would certainly rattle our nervous system and send a chilling scare down our spine. The senior citizens especially those with heart ailment do not like thunderous noise for it destroys their falling health.

There was an instance, according to a friend of mine. A birthday party in a neighbor has lasted until past midnight. The drunken visitors were noisy with their songs as the giant rockets or kwitons exploded in the sky intermittently. They were not able to sleep that night particularly his aging lola who was taken to a doctor the following morning. They enjoyed a lot while others spent the night sleepless in agony.

Usually in the morning following the New Year’s Eve, many injured victims are confined in the hospital. Majority are minors. Some mothers are weeping for what happened to their dear children. Regret or no regret, but they don’t have money for the expenses.

That’s it. Instead of buying firecrackers, buy something to eat. Instead of playing with firecrackers, find another means to enjoy the revelries like torotot, cans, kettles and others. Keep away from firecrackers and other exploding fireworks to avoid problems on New Year’s Day.

If there’s a need for the display of fireworks, then let the government do it. Let’s just be spectators.