SQUARE POINT: Keep them poor! PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 28 November 2011 14:05

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Do you know that our planet is now filled with seven billion people? And the seven billionth child was born here?

What’s the fuss about it, anyway? We really don’t know. If the world seems to be getting congested, there’s no reason for us to worry. After all, this planet is so big and there are still vast areas uninhabited like the rainforests and jungles of North America, deserts of the Middle East, glaciers of Alaska, etc. The surplus population can migrate to these places. The pro-life advocates would always quote the words of the Lord: “Go unto this world and multiply.”

Naturally wealthy and powerful nations like Russia, China and the USA have no intention to control their population. They need more people to produce more soldiers as a sign of supremacy among themselves, the so-called Superpowers. Although they do have also their own version of slums or depressed suburbs, but they have the means to manage their problem.

But what appears to be an exigency is how we grow as a people — the population is running at high speed while the food production is moving too slow. Based on the economic law of supply and demand, all efforts may be an exercise in futility leading to a catastrophic eventuality. It’s like a disaster looming in the distant horizon.

With appeasing gesture the pro-life advocates would always say that you don’t have to worry having many children even beyond your means because God will provide.
Right. But God helps only those who help themselves, according to the Holy Gospel. The people are not like the birds and the bees that never worry about their food. One thing sure, those advocating pro-life never go hungry.

On the other hand, political leaders oftenly assure that there’s enough food for the people. If that’s true, why are there scavengers looking for food in garbage, mendicants begging for alms, street urchins grabbing the leftovers inside eateries while others are committing suicide due to starvation. Perhaps, enough food for only the affluent families like the moguls, tycoons, magnates, capitalists and hoodlums in public offices. They die of obesity, not hunger.

Some are generous to the indigent sector, but only in mediocre aids like relief goods, doleouts, alms and a few pesos during elections.

Our point is— from all indications, a chicanery which means to keep them as poor as they are for the misers to remain in command of the country’s wealth and natural resources.