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Saturday, 03 December 2011 15:33


Am back with my “sari sari” thoughts inspired by some people I met. But before I start with it, let me greet former mayor Vinnie Atilano on his 73d birday last Nov. 28. His charming better-half celebrated his birthday at their beautiful home in Boalan. I always enjoy their parties, because  the choices of the cuisines  on the banquet table are delicious, including the settings on the dining table are well arranged, plus the X’mas decorations look superb. Let me describe it as magnifico! Happy, happy belated birthday Vinnie, and may the Lord bless you always and give you more years to celebrate your birthday. By the way, the visitors in that party were mostly attended by relatives.
* * * *

By the way, I recently met a Jesuit priest of ADZU. He asked me a favor if I can suggest in my column to please let the traffic management office remove the “NO PARKING SIGNS” on both sides of the road outside Ateneo, because he thinks it’s useless, as owners of vehicles still park outside. I also think it’s useless as it is a one way road. I hope whoever are in charge of the traffic signs will read this. I am not mentioning the priest’s name because he might not like it.
* * * *

A couple from Manila said that it would be better if City Hall will transfer somewhere else to decongest our traffic downtown, and convert the City Hall into a museum. Not a bad idea I guess. This couple just came in from Manila and also mentioned that our international airport hadn’t changed. I told them that the city government is planning to transfer the airport away from the city, and they asked….when will this happen. I said maybe in the near future, the same way with the Integrated Bus Terminal.
* * * *

No matter what the opposition say, I still believe Zamboanga is progressing. I still remember one lawyer told my sis-in-law who was visiting us and I happened to be in her company that Zamboanga  is richer than Davao and other cities because we have lots of business investors coming in. And in the first place, why would other politicians want to come into our city if it is a dead city, it’s just but logic why they want to come in. Since it is a free Country, we can’t stop them.

I would like to see the dancing fountain when it is done. I love to see water flowing and the sound of it. I think it has some therapeutic quality that makes a person restful to the eyes. I think it is practical to enclose it in a low fence to avoid children from jumping in it and swim in it. It is also fair to charge people who would like to go closer and take pictures and sit on the benches nearby. Even from standing or seated from afar, we will be able to see the dancing fountain. This is one laudable project of the mayor because this project will not only be for the poor but for everybody to enjoy.

Are the opposition candidates not strong enough to fill in for the position of mayor and congressman that they have to convince someone from outside to run? Daw makahuya man ese?