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Friday, 09 December 2011 13:36

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

Today, I would like to thank Mayor Lobregat  for making me happy that he is our mayor.  So here goes:
Thank you Mayor Celso  L.  Lobregat:

* For the beautiful Christmas lights in Plaza Pershing and City Hall.  These Christmas decorations give us so much pleasure. The playhouses in Plaza Pershing with matching “snow” is very beautiful and fascinating.  The dancing fountain —  there is no end of me being harassed by my kids  just for us to go there although we have gone there several times. They never tire of it.  Whoever you assigned  to decorate the Plaza is very talented and excellent. The Christmas trees with its  crooked,  design  is very unique.  City Hall is worthy of its  name. The moving characters up there and the bubbles.  You spare no expense for the happiness of your constituents. I’m really grateful to you because you did not deprive us of enjoyment this merriest of holidays.  I  appreciate your effort  to make the city happy and festive especially that you don’t charge us anything — for  going there and taking pictures. You are the perfect Christmas Mayor! 

*For being friendly to common people  wherever place  you are. I have seen you several times and never have I seen you irritable or arrogant at the people around you, yet you are the highest ranking  official of this land.  Some  people must learn humility and down-to-earthness from your example.  The other time in town, I saw a very fast Adventure SUV with a red plate number.  It was speeding although the road was crowded at that time.  When a tricycle was about to turn, they tried to be the first to pass but the tricycle won the competition.  Then when  I saw inside the van, I saw the most arrogant looking driver a person could ever set eyes on.  Beside him was an equally arrogant looking well-dressed man with his chin tilted up and looking very angry for losing the speed game with the tricycle. They really must learn from  you,  Mr. Mayor.

* For planning to give the city employees P25,000 this Christmas.  I am  not included but I’m very glad for those who are.  I have noticed that it is your delight to see people happy. Just like your mother when she distributed I think P15,000 every Christmas to the city employees.  She distributed it personally so that she could look at each recipient’s reaction.  She also derived pleasure in the happiness of others.  You are truly your mother’s son and I am grateful that you lead Zamboanga in love and compassion.

* This one’s from my mother.  She said that she admires you for being not discriminating in accepting invitations.  She said that we can always count on you to grace an affair if you are not yet booked for that day  because you don’t feel too important for anybody. I have also seen you stand as a ninong even to a common couple’s wedding.  Not only this, but wherever you are there is fun. The other time you went to City High and we had a very happy and funny time with you there. The event was Drug Awareness, and you asked a representative for every year level to lead  in the  shouting of “ Adelante Zamboanga, Say No to Drugs!” I almost fell from my chair laughing at the different styles  of  leading that  cheer.

* For making Zamboanga  Asia’s Latin City.  When we go abroad and someone asks us about this place we could always say triumphantly that it’s Asia’s Latin City.  I also appreciate that you try to preserve the Chavacano  language. I  like the Regatta every Fiesta Pilar  because it’s very colorful and thrilling.  It makes me feel that there is  really somebody taking care of this place ensuring its  people’s enjoyment.

* For the beautiful Paseo.  I have seen the replica of the Christmas trees in Plaza Pershing there  and I was very fascinated with it.  There is somewhere to go in the night  and unwind.  Thank you too, for putting respectful people in the parking space of Paseo. They are very objective and accommodating there,  simply doing their work with respect  and dignity.

There are still many  things that I like to thank you for, which I was planning to include here,  but I am going to school now to also do my part in the development of this city.  Anyway, thank you so much and may you always  be happy  and not be weary in doing good .