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Friday, 23 December 2011 13:28

BY Jane dela Cruz Bascar

In a few days, we will be celebrating Christmas…but as the day draws near, my feelings are mixed especially in the light of the tragedy that befell our fellow Filipinos in Iligan, Cagayan de Oro and Dumaguete. As always, tragic events bring to the fore all that is truly important to and for us: not money or possessions but relationships. That is why, in this article I am sharing with you the essay my thirteen year-old daughter Danielle wrote as a class requirement. Asked by her teacher to write what she wants for Christmas, Danielle wrote the piece below which touched and humbled me deeply.     

Danielle came into my life under extraordinary circumstances. At that time, I never thought we’d come to love each other the way we do. And so, when I see her loving me the way she does, all I can do is give thanks for a God who truly knows best, a God who can create something beautiful from so much pain. This is what Danielle wrote: 

All I Want For Christmas

“In December we start to decorate our home with flowers, Christmas, trees, etc. We prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ on December 25. We buy gifts for our loved ones. We also ask them what they want, and they usually ask for material things. But this Christmas I don’t need or want any material things. All I want for Christmas is my mom to be fully healed and fully happy and that her wishes will all come true.

My mom was confined in the hospital last October because she had to undergo surgery. I slept beside her bed that time and I saw her in pain. She was not allowed to talk for two days because the air will get inside her stomach and that will hurt her. We had a hard time to communicate with her that’s why we couldn’t give her what she needed. When we got out of the hospital, she could not climb the stairs to go to her bedroom so we had to swap rooms with my grandparents. She stayed downstairs with me in my grandparent’s bedroom while they had to transfer upstairs.

Right now my mom is sick. She has tonsillitis and dengue. She is in greater pain because her wound is still healing and when she coughs, the wound hurts and she can’t breathe properly because of her clogged nose.

That is why this Christmas I don’t have a wish for myself. Instead my wish is for my mom. All I want is for her to be fully healed and for all her wishes to come true so she can be happy. When she is happy, I am happy, too.”

I cannot begin to express how moved I was when I read my daughter’s paper. What mother won’t be? Once again, I thank God for having blest me with a child like her despite the great difficulty I had accepting the circumstances surrounding her coming into my life. And as I read her wish for me, I can’t help but wonder if Heaven could remain unmoved in the face of such soulful entreaty and pure love? Will I get my wish? Maybe, just maybe, with Danielle’s faith, the cards are stacked in my favor.

And so this Christmas, this is my wish for you: that you find love like the one I found in Danielle – unexpected, unconditional, unreserved…

May we always seize every chance we get to show the ones we love how much we love them now and all the days of our lives. A blessed Christmas everyone!
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