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Friday, 23 December 2011 13:30

BY Christine Y. Guinacaran

I just love Christmases. The scent of apples even in July,  always make me think of Christmas.  When I was in third year high school, a friend gave me two apples for my birthday. Apples then, were not as common as it is now. I  took a long smell on those apples and it felt very good and sweet.  Amazing,  that  after three decades, every time I smell apples the feeling  of that December 25 comes back  very distinctly and I am fourteen years old again.

I love Christmases because of what it stands for.  My friend told me that although she will have a tree to live and grass to eat, for as long as she has Jesus she is ok.  I have the same sentiments even though I do not wish to stay on trees nor have grass to eat.  The point is that,  there is no security  in life for me without Jesus Christ.  What if I die in my sleep or diagnosed to have cancer  or brain tumor?  We have no control over these things no matter how careful we are. Life is very uncertain.  Just see what happened to the victims of Sendong.  Perhaps not one of them really thought that  they would die that dawn.  Some of them might have already wrapped their gifts for Christmas. Death did not  really cross their minds when they went to sleep. Therefore, I am glad that Jesus came to this world to be born and later on die for my sins. I would not like to die any time with my sins.  That’s why I am very grateful to Jesus Christ  for taking my sins upon Himself , and I am now blameless because I received this precious gift that He has given me. Imagine me sinning, and somebody gets punished  for it. That’s why I love the security  that Jesus gives.  If not for Him and I’m not sure if I will go to heaven or hell when I die, I’ll be very afraid even to go to sleep.  Imagine spending eternity in hell!  That’s why I am grateful that Jesus paid for my sins and I receive this  precious gift of salvation from eternal condemnation very,  very gratefully.

I love Christmases because of the endless parties and merriment. I have already attended around six Christmas parties since December 16 and still counting.  It is the fellowship and the enjoyment  that I love about parities.  Everybody in high spirits, everyone dresses up in a special way  and everyone extra friendly with each other.  No body looks poor in Christmas parties.  I had my class party the other time and all my students dolled-up for the occasion.  It was a happy group of teenagers all excited to give and receive gifts.  Our  teacher’s party in City High was also a grand affair.  We have a very down-to-earth, fun loving principal.  She loves to give surprises and good news to everyone.  Dr. Munar would always commend rather than criticize her teachers. She would give good news instead of mild threats.  In our party, she gave us money for grocery and asked us if we could share some amount for the victims of Sendong and everyone was very willing.  We did not expect that grocery fund and it is new to us to be given generously by a principal.  Our superintendent , Mr. Pedro Natividad,  also attended our party.  It was very nice of him to go from one table to table  taking pictures with all of us.  Our superintendent is far from haughty.  I have heard that he is  very meticulous,  but he delivers. He is very hands on.  In his message he told us that Christ is the center of Christmas and that we should live like Him.

I love Christmases  because of the brief respite from work.  It is good once in a while  to do the things that you choose to do  instead of what is required from you.  So to one and all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!