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Tuesday, 27 December 2011 13:07

BY Mike S Apostol

Christmas 2011 is the saddest Christmas for the country. Like a test of will and perseverance, the Philippines is made to suffer all kinds of calamities this year. Two deadly typhoons hit our shores living thousand of dead FIlipinos and millions in damages. Lawless elements defied the government ferociously by staging more ambuscades killing our soldiers on patrol and beheading some of them, challenging the government to the offensive. Drug manufacturing and distribution are rampant in almost all parts of the country, also bringing death to both criminals and authorities during drug raids. Worst, it has become an international shame, when Filipinos are unwittingly recruited as drug mules and end up executed in other countries. Political kingpins are now accused of plunder and corruption and are arrested and sent to jail while waiting trial and probably conviction on orders of the President in his drive against corruption. The political campaign of just and fair justice by the President went above board when he induced his allies in Congress to Impeach the Chief Justice himself thereby delaying all court proceedings in favor of the impeachment trial. Justice delayed is justice denied.
* * *  *

Many politicians throughout the country wanted to have a share of this fantastic national political development, to be in the limelight, to make the campaign of 2012 easier and cheaper for them. One good example is; when President Noynoy Acquino arrested Former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo at her sickbed, many politicians wanted to give their opinion in television and radio through a personally requested interview. What is disgusting is, even the formerly diehards of PGMA, who benefited from the administration of PGMA, were given personal favors, are now at the forefront in accusing PGMA of corruption and plunder. Like Judas Escariot, for 30 pieces of silver, pointed an accusing finger against Jesus Christ so the Roman soldiers can arrest Him.   
*  * * *

Many politicians have their own trick and get away with it when exposed. Many months ago, when Executive Secretary Ochoa was exposed in the news for buying a multi-million mansion in Quezon City when he was barely less than a year in office, it was dismissed as owned by a relative from abroad. The story ended there. When the expenses of the President for the purchase of meals and snacks, during meetings, was exposed as highly overpriced, there was not even an explanation whether it is true or not. But the biggest trick was, as gleaned from the newspapers if true, while Typhoon Sendong was unleashing its wrath in the cities of Cagayan De Oro and Iligan killing thousand of its residents and destroying multi-million worth of properties, the President was partying with his Security Group. Emperor Nero, when Rome was burning, was dancing and singing. Although we agree that even the President is allowed its private moments, his advisers should have weighted the advantages and disadvantages, in attending a party when part of the country he rules is underwater and people are dying.
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Scoop: Five days from now we will welcome the Year Of the Dragon. Year 2012 will be a year of opportunity for everybody, will be very progressive for some, will give more wealth to a few, making them richer, very bad for the country, it will be brewing hot in almost all fronts political, lawless elements, family feuds and business competitions, old grudges will the cause of restlessness and our normally peaceful campaign period in Zamboanga City will be marred by violence, due to the presence of many hoodlums and gangsters in Zamboanga City brought by new politicians, especially the clannish politicians who have savored the blessing of Zamboanga poliics.  Next issue we will feature more political development because my spy Terio Tirador will be reporting for duty.