NurseCorner: The mirror doesn't lie PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 December 2011 13:10

BY Helen Climaco-San Luis, RN

Our world is not safe. Fraught with peril, it continues to be a dangerous place in which to live. And yet we know that our children need safe homes, safe schools, safe streets, safe parks and safe communities to live in, if they are to grow to be healthy, happy, and secure adults. We know our patients need a safe and secure environment, be it at hospitals or at home. We know that we all need the security of safety so we all could co-exist harmoniously and peacefully. Our children and patients count on us to be there for them no matter what the circumstances. They are counting on us to provide love, protection, and a safe harbor in the storm. They are counting on us to be prepared. They are counting on us to rescue them when they need rescuing.

On the other hand, we count on our neighbors to extend a hand so a common bond of neighborliness maybe forged. We count on our leaders and teachers to teach what we should know. We look upon our governments for concrete measures and swift actions to save us when we most need it. Yet, the information we read from the tabloids, the images we see in the television and the pitiful conditions of our neighbors and fellow human beings ;we see a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable horror; a crisis brought about by an insecure, unsafe and unhealthy  world , a world managed by a few ,bent on destruction in the name of preserving the sanctity of life. They tell us different but very similar tales. They become experiences and history which lessons can be drawn upon. Sometimes, lessons are learnt but they are lessons that are meant to be just that- lessons on paper. Look at the injury, devastations and the amount of human suffering. How ready is the government to help, save and protect? And our employers, the people we had been working for, half the time of our lives ? And us- take an honest-to-goodness look at the mirror. The mirror doesn't lie. How prepared are we?  -- The writer is co-founder, Program Director and Training Center Faculty, Medical Colleagues CPR (McCPR).