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Wednesday, 28 December 2011 13:59


LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…`I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. `May your word to me be fulfilled’…” (Mary, the mother of Jesus, in Luke 1:38, the Holy Bible).
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AQUINO GOV’T IS TO BLAME? The Climate Change Congress of the Philippines (CCCP), through its chairman Cagayan De Oro City Bishop Antonio Ledesma and convenor Christian Monsod, is making a serious accusation against the Aquino government, virtually putting the blood of the 1,500 or so who died in the Sendong rains and floods in Northern Mindanao in the hands of Aquino officials.

The CCCP, in so many words, is claiming that because the Aquino government did not act on several warnings it issued—the last of which was given to Aquino Cabinet members just two weeks before Sendong struck on December 16, 2011—it has only itself to blame for the death of more than a thousand Filipinos and destruction of millions of properties that came with Sendong.

And a group calling itself Worldwide Fund for Nature-Philippines, through its president Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan, is significantly making the same accusation. He said he told the House of Representatives, three years ago, that Northern Mindanao will be hit by rains and floods that could kill many and destroy much more, but no congressman wanted to listen to him then, even branding him as an “alarmist”.
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WHAT TO DO TO FIGHT RAINS, FLOODS: The fact is that, the famous American psychic, Jean Dixon, came up with a prediction that the whole (or some parts) of Luzon would come under water—an event that some people believe has already happened with the great floods in the 1970s, even if others are of the view that it is yet to happen, since the whole of Luzon had not really been completely submerged yet.

And more important than that, there is also the Biblical warning coming from Jesus, our God and Savior, that rains, floods and strong winds will come, and cause death and total destruction to many who will no longer be listening to Him and who will no longer be obeying Him. This warning from Jesus has been deadly accurate so far, not only in the Philippines, but in many parts of the world.

The CCCP and the Worldwide Fund for Nature-Philippines are therefore very correct: something must be done now, to save our people from more death and destruction. The only question here is, what should be done? Sadly, most of the solutions being proffered, in that they ignore the Biblical dimensions of this problem, are futile and worthless.
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IMPEACHMENT TRIAL CAN PROCEED NOW: Presidential Spokesman Edwin Lacierda hit the nail right on the head: with the answer of Chief Justice Renato Corona being submitted to the Senate as the impeachment court, his impeachment trial could now proceed next month, January 2012.

Malacanang does not need to answer Corona’s points in the answer, principal of which is his accusation that President Aquino and his Liberal Party masterminded his impeachment to come up with a Supreme Court that they can control. Indeed, it is clear, right from the start, that it is the President who wants Corona impeached and ousted. And that, really, is what matters most for our lawmakers!
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CAN SC JUSTICE BE SUMMONED TO TESTIFY? Can the Senate summon Associate Justice Presbitero Velasco to be a witness in Corona’s trial, upon the prodding of the House of Representatives? This is an exciting legal issue, considering the status of Velasco as a member of a co-equal body. The point is that, he is being asked to testify as a member of the Supreme Court, on matters internal to the Court, something that is prohibited by its own internal rules. Let’s see what happens here.