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Wednesday, 04 January 2012 14:21

BY Mike S Apostol

We don’t doubt the results of a national survey made by respected and prestigious survey firms to gauge the popularity of the President to the Filipino people, but there is something intriguing on those results worth pondering. First, ever since the Aquino sat at the highest office of the land, many things happened and many times affecting the whole country internally and externally, but his popularity survey, shows, It is always “all time high”.
* * * *

Many unfavorable news items were written against his presidency during his first year in office like, his penchant for multi-million sports car and driving them alone to his home province during wee hours of the morning to the aghast of his security men. Playing computer electronic toys with his nephews (natural for anybody but for a President it’s a surprise). Sometimes he is publicly seen dining with beautiful women and dropping them like hot potatoes (quite understandable because he might be making a good use of his bachelorhood) until he gets married, but when? The lady councilor from Valenzuela City is waiting until she joined the TV show of Revillame out of frustration. Daily tabloids in Manila are feasting on this story.
* * *  *

In office, the Hong Kong tourist hostage crisis gave the Philippines a black eye for the mishandling of the hostage crisis shown live on television worldwide, and like a telenovela drama, the ending was tragic, scores of hostages  died not from the hostage taker but many believed from snipers who were supposed to rescue the victims. Manila Mayor Lim was there but the President was not and the irony many close supporters of the President put the blame on Mayor Lim who almost lost his temper in an interview when he heard the blame was on him.  Hong Kong authorities doubted our police investigators, so, they sent their own police investigators, meddling with our internal affairs and disrespecting our sovereignty, but, still Malacanang welcomed them with open arms for goodwill sake disregarding protocol and our authority to handle our own domestic problem. To appease the government of Hong Kong, many policemen were made scapegoats, but Hongkong was still unhappy with the result and they denied the request for an audience, to the Government of Hong Kong by our own Vice-President Binay. Many more mistakes were done by the President. Even with the handling of the decades- old MILF issue, his government almost secretly signed the MOA-AD to approval, ceding many areas in Mindanao to MILF control. There were unpopular decisions the President made in defending his cabinet officials, his personal friends, in handling calamities, legal decisions made by former PGMA, running after PGMA appointees, charging all of them as “midnight appointees” and replacing them with his own. These  are some of our observations but his popularity ratings remain high, sometimes giving us the feeling to question:Who are these people they randomly interviewed to get their views about the President, who were the respondents to their questionnaire?
* * * *

Sometimes we feel that these survey firms might have used the popularity of actress Kris Aquino for the President. But off-course they will deny for who will destroy his own lucrative survey business?
* * * *

Scoop: The Supreme Court is now in jeopardy on what to do, if they rule favorably with the charges against PGMA, they will be castigated and charged for payment of “debt of gratitude”. If they will rule against PGMA,  they will be leveled for getting the favor and attention of President Pnoy. Better they don’t decide at all, anyway justice has already been delayed for those petitions filed at the Supreme Court by those who were included as midnight appointees when their appointments are not within the Election ban. Until now the Supreme Court has not decided on this and it is too late for the Honorable Justices to rule on it. Nobody from the administration will abide by it. Keep in touch.