SQUARE POINT: Full force of the law PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 14:24

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

Public officials especially the elective ones of this Republic, our beloved Philippines, are very much active in political exercises since the time of Gen. Aguinaldo, the first Filipino president.

If you recall that part of our history, the KKK Supremo was killed as a result of a political exercise. Other exercises include: the downfall of alleged plunderers, assassination of noble heroes, coup d’e etats, electoral protests and counter protests. Senate inquiries,  Ombudsman investigations, SandiganBayan cases, media exposes, libel cases and killings of mediamen, etc. Our system of government is never a dull one as shown in the pages of history.

However, despite the zeal and enthusiasm of our officials in all of the political exercises, majority of the common masses remain drowned in poverty. Many are jobless, no fixed income, sick, hungry and malnourished in urban poor areas, slums, depressed sitios and villages in remote barangays and islands. Poor farmers awaiting government help to till the soil and fisherfolks are deprived of their only livelihood by big-time pouchers, illegal fishers, merciless pirates and marauders.

Aside from the volatile peace and order condition brought about by the insurgency, criminalities in urban centers seem to be unabated. No longer once, but twice or thrice shooting incidents occur almost everyday. And police authorities usually tell the public— that’s an isolated case, the situation is under control and there’s no risk in strolling downtown. Though the incidents took place in broad daylight, even near City Hall, the assailants seem faceless and, most often than not, the investigators are facing a blank wall.

Not only here in this city, but anywhere in the country the bullets are on the loose seeking their target. Roaming the streets are gunmen, gunslingers and trigger happy guntoters preying on their victims anytime of the day or night. Also there are some adventurers who love to toy with IEDs unconcerned of whoever gets killed or injured.

If the legendary mayor with the silver locks still lives, he’d be busy updating his crime scoreboard day after day. But he was gunned down to be part of his own scoreboard 27 years ago.

And so we pray— may those public officials who are too aggressive to plunge in any political exercise spend a little time to address the surging criminalities across the country.
Maybe it’s a complex problem, but the bottom line is law enforoement.

A point to ponder— no one is above the law, a dogma of the justice system. And we’re a nation governed by the rule of law. Then, let them face the full force of the law to save innocent lives, if need be.