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Friday, 06 January 2012 15:02


Dragons are known to be fierce animal, supposed to belong to the reptile family. However, they never existed on earth except in the minds of story tellers, who write fable stories.

Year 2012 is the year of the black water dragon. This sign may bring good luck or bad luck, according to their zodiac signs. I’m lucky because the year I was born fall under the monkey sign. Gee, I hope this will really come true, not only for me, but especially to my entire family, and also to all the people of the world. Admit it, 2011 had been a bad year, trailing behind many calamities causing the death of lots of people. Mother Nature is extremely mad at us! We have abused the use of her natural resources.

Businessmen who are involved in the mining business and people who are also in the quarrying business should be warned to stop, as this is what is causing landslides and floods. Vehicles that are belching a lot of smoke should stop running around also. We can stop these calamities if we stop abusing Mother Nature.

I have always believed that it’s not the objects around us that give us bad luck. It is our attitude in life that counts. If a person strives hard, he can achieve whatever he wishes to reach his goal. I came to know that a certain religious group that belongs to the Roman Catholic Church has been destroying objects that have designs of the dragon, like jars and jewelries. Gosh, what a pity, especially if they destroy antique jars. Oops, I won’t mention this if it weren’t for the year of the dragon.

The Chinese believe that the sign of the dragon brings luck to them, and I will believe it is, but I would also like to attribute their good luck through hard work. They also value even a centavo, no wonder their business are all successful. This is the reason why every Chinese New Year, it’s never complete without the Dance of the Dragon.