Table Talk: More garbage trucks for the city’s cleanliness drive PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 January 2012 15:17

BY Mike S Apostol

Last Saturday night’s local TV news revealed that the city has bought two brand new bus coasters for her visitors use. It is a laudable idea since the city is embarking on a new promotion campaign to entice foreign and local tourists to visit the city. However, we feel that everything must start from home, so before we invite potential tourists we make it sure that our home is clean so that the impression will last. Our fleet of garbage trucks some of which were turned over to the barangays is inadequate. More often than not, we still see heaps upon heaps of garbage in many of our city streets even just after a garbage truck has passed by for collection of garbage. There are two reasons for these: One, many city residents lack the knowledge of cleanliness and second, we need more garbage trucks to collect the tons of garbage in the city. Or perhaps the city, in coordination with the barangays should come up with a coordinated scheme in garbage collection, like a schedule of picking up garbage, house to house a time convenient to both the garbage collector and the house owners. What is happening right now is garbage collector eager to end their collection activity early. They also collect garbage house to house when homeowners and their maids are still asleep. Garbage cannot also be left hanging outside your gates overnight because people from neighboring houses in another block or shanties follow suit and hang their garbage also in your gate making your frontage look like a garbage dump.
* * * *

We feel that the city should prepare for these things because one day our tourism industry will boom because we have many natural scenery that is purely Asian but Latin in character. Also, Zamboanga City is already known for its unpredictable environment, like Davao City once upon a time, why don’t we ride with it and entice visitors who are looking for thrill and adventure? Some people love thrill and adventure and are going to pay for it to be there. Some Europeans and Americans risk their lives just to go on a safari and watch and film wild animals or dive undersea to film killer sharks or volunteer as war correspondent. Here, the difference is the same.
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The above portion may sound unacceptable but at these changing times everything is possible. Subic Safari in Subic Pampanga, after touring and seeing all the animals and birds and snakes at the zoo for an additional 200 pesos and 100 pesos for dressed chicken you will be able to face fierce and live tigers jumping around you and sometimes going on top of the caged vehicle where you are riding. It will snarl at your face and even smell its foul breathe as it scratches the iron screen of your caged vehicle which is barely inches away between you and the tiger. The thrill is different because you will imagine what will happen to you once the screen is ripped and the tigers are as big as a one-year-old cow.
* * * *

Here in Zamboanga City we don’t have wild tigers. We have so many wild things, even wild females ready to jump at a foreigner if they were not able to find a foreigner husband at the internet or were not chosen as a “mail bride”.  In the streets of Paris, France have beautiful Parisian girls ready to date with you for a few hundred Euros or even in a neutral country like Geneva, Switzerland, their main Rue de Genive, by sunset which is almost 10:00 P.M. there, you will see German, French and African girls sitting on the long benches near a train stop station willing to chat with you if you can afford it. They speak English, French and German which make you think they are university students.  Zamboanga City is also known for its beautiful girls aside from hoodlums and lawless elements.  I am not implicating or insinuating anything, but the tourism industry is like a wide ocean where anybody can be a fisherman. Even rich nations like France, Germany, Switzerland and even America have their own red light district. Let’s not talk about war, kidnappings, family feuds, ambuscades or military and rebel operations. Let talk about the brighter side of enjoyment and relaxation. 
* * *  *

Scoop: First step, the city government must boost the opening of more resorts with massage, sauna, videoke bars, cocktail lounges and provide them with security  services or assign more policemen in these areas for the safety of clients and customers. Strictly implement the gun ban. Give tax holidays to establishments that have open 24-hour restaurants, soup houses or cheap beer houses. Entice the opening of big chain malls for the city’s expansion. Set an example by punishing to the hilt an arrested criminal especially a killer with a gun. We still have plenty of dedicated policemen from the city who can do the job. All it needs is support and boost their morale. If we can do this at the expense of some of our colleagues, the city will be free of hoodlums and criminals who call themselves rebels.