SQUARE POINT: A suicide? PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 January 2012 15:18

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

From the Chinese calendar, the year 2012 is symbolized by the water dragon. This year the water element dominates in our lives, some experts said on radio.

Don’t be frantic, no need. We just want to have a little foresight which might be of importance to our common endeavor in keeping us away from any danger or disaster.

Water is life. No living thing can survive without water, we know that. But water can also destroy lives if we don’t know how to manage and properly adjust ourselves to the natural cycle of water. We have experienced a lot of terrible calamities caused by the formidable might of water in the form of flash floods, deluge and inundation. The latest of which is what happened in Iligan and Gagayan de Oro cities where thousands perished, injured and reported missing. Damages to properties were estimated worth millions of pesos as thousands of families were rendered homeless and stripped of their livelihood. Their dreams were shattered and gone with the rushing water down from the mountains as they were huddled in evacuation centers awaiting for relief assistance from the government and private sector.

We have also that much publicized mysterious Mayan calendar pinpointing December 2012 as the expected end of mankind.

Whether you believe in the Chinese calendar or the Mayan calendar or not, it doesn’t matter. To focus our attention on the end of the world is irrelevant, illogical and unnecessary. If the end of the mortal world is really there by the end of 2012, no one can stop it, anyway.

But we can still do something to assuage the effects of climate change and global warming. Protect the environment especially our forests. Remember the killer logs in Iligan aside from the denuded mountains that can no longer hold the water from the sky.

Sometime ago the UN reports revealed that there’s a substantial damage on the ozone layer caused by the pollution from Earth and the result is global warming which induces the thawing of the icebergs and mountains of ice in the North Atlantic. The sea level tends to rise as those ice keeps on melting because of the heat.

From our point of view— if ever the world ends, it’s like a suicide. We deserve to face the wrath of nature.