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Sunday, 08 January 2012 15:19


Grief is sorrow. When a person or a group of people experience grief, they experience sadness and pain in their hearts for the loss of their loved ones, until time heals it.

I can just imagine how the people of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan Cities are feeling now, with the death of some members of their families and the destruction of their properties and personal belongings, and what about some entire families who have had been wiped out by Typhoon Sendong, which I think was also possible. I guess these families have been spared from grieving. Their souls are now in peace with the Lord.

Let’s hope our government will alleviate them from the hardship they had just experienced and provide them with things they will need in starting a new life after their ordeal with Typhoon Sendong. Many people are responding to aid them not only in kind, but also in cash donations, where, even foreign countries have also been sending in their cash donations. I wonder if these cash donations are being accounted for by our government, or an agency has been assigned to audit all the cash donations coming in, may it be local or foreign, knowing as it is, our country is known to be one of the most corrupt countries in Asia. Money is a hot item, so beware of alleged thieves in our government. Even our President is aware of this. The Commission on Audit is
tasked to check on all government project expenditures. Let’s hope this department is already cleansed of corrupt officials and employees.

Enough is enough. Corruption should really stop. Whatever cash donations coming in for the victims of Typhoon Sendong, please use it for their rehabilitation. Perhaps, this can alleviate their grief a little. In a way, because of this terrible typhoon, some of our constituents will be able to have their own houses, thanks to the generosity of good samaritans.

Talking of grief, it was the 1st death anniversary of our son-in-law Lleonard last January 5, and I didn’t know how to greet my daughter Angel, as prior to her husband’s death, it was also their wedding anniversary last January 3. I guess that was a painful  experience she has undergone last year. I told her that she can now move on forward!