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Tuesday, 09 November 2010 14:11

LIFE INSPIRATIONS: “Lord, graciously rescue me. Come quickly to help me, Lord! Put to shame and confound all who seek to take my life. Turn back in disgrace those who desire my ruin” (Psalms 40, 14-15, the Holy Bible).

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CBCP TWITS PNOY IN EDITORIAL CARTOON: The Philippine Catholic Church newspaper, “CBCP Monitor”, put out an interesting editorial cartoon in its October 25, 2010-November 7, 2010 issue, highlighting its perceived inconsistency in President Aquino’s thrusts on what causes poverty in the country.

The cartoon has two caricatures of the President---to portray his positions before winning and after winning---the “before” cartoon says “Kung walang korap, walang mahirap”. The “after” cartoon says “Ang dami ninyo kaya mahirap kayo”.

I suggest that Mr. Aquino’s public relations officers should try to do something about these caricatures---no matter how insignificant Malacanang apologists would want them to appear, they are an out and out attack which could erode the President’s credibility.

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SHALANI SOLEDAD A BOMBSHELL THAT WILL CRUSH THE COMPETITION: Congratulations to top comedian Willie Revillame and TV5. Their having acquired Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad as a regular co-host of the instantly-famous TV5 program “Wiling-Willie” will surely give a strong edge not only to the program but even to the station as well.

The problem of the giant networks---GMA 7 and ABS CBN---is that Filipinos are naturally gossipy and “usiseros”, and considering that the soured relationship between Shalani and President Aquino continues to remain a hot item among many---what with the mystery and secrecy shrouding the issue up to now---Lani’s co-hosting on “Wiling-Willie” will not just be a magnet for interested viewers.

It will be a bombshell that will suck viewers, and ultimately shred to pieces the unfortunate TV programs that will try to compete with the TV5 best seller---whether similar to “Wiling-Wille” or the in the mold of the old news programs like “TV Patrol” or “24 Oras”.

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LANI SOLEDAD: THE FACE THAT COULD LAUNCH A THOUSAND SHIPS: Even when Shalani was just starting as a co-host with a TV station we both left years ago, it was evident she already had the necessary “it” that charmed and attracted viewers, whether male or female.

Callers would not mind waiting or being put on hold, while Lani talked to more fortunate souls who managed to call her first. Flowers, candies and chocolates coming from admirers, anonymous or identified, became a normal occurrence during the programs which featured her.

Indeed, even then, many predicted she would go places, both in politics and in TV hosting or in other fields of entertainment, because of her simplicity, wit and charisma and, of course, her beauty that could, in the words of a literary classic, “launch a thousand ships”.

Atty. Batas Mauricio

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