SQUARE POINT: The good and the evil PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 14:26

BY Jack Edward Enriquez

The new year 2012 has set in, bringing a lot of expectations— hope and apprehension..

Those who are optimistic especially people with positive attitude in life think that the incoming year will be peaceful and bountiful for everyone of us. Fine, Anyway, it’s appropriate for us to be hopeful and confident in our perception of the days to come. Have foresight as an inspiration in our journey to reach the realm of our respective fate.

However, some of our friends allow themselves to be blown by emotions into the darker side of life. And we can’t blame them for that. They are as human as we are. Only they lack guts and tact.

The smog of poverty sweeping across the depressed areas of the country, dilating problem of unemployment, volatile peace and order, sluggish pace in food production, limping economy and the severity of corruption in our government are more than enough to pulverize the sturdy armor of optimism. When it cracks down, pessimism gets in.

The world has been taken over by evil, according to many of the sages and pundits in our midst. And so they affirmed the frightening prophecy of the biblical Armageddon. It means the end of the world which has been announced to take place on several dates, but nothing happened. The next one— Dec. 2012.

Well, after it failed to happen several times many people have become somewhat incredulous or unbelieving of the impending Judgment Day that humanity has finally come to an end. And there’ll be a division of the house— the good and the evil.

Based on what we understand logically about the good and otherwise, apparently a lot of people are confused especially those who love to do things in excess or go anywhere to the extreme.

Most public officials, political leaders and carpetbaggers who are determined to amass wealth and power by all means at the expense of the poor people are just laughing at the so-called Revelation. Same is true with the criminals who can take the life of anyone anytime without even a wink. No regret or remorse whatsoever in their hearts.

A point to ponder— too difficult for an optimist to be steadfast. May the incoming 12 months ba peaceful and fruitful for all humanity.