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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 14:28


It appears that people at the Department of Tourism are having a hard time creating a campaign tourism slogan on how to attract tourists in our country.  Why don’t they just do it this way......COME AND VISIT THE ONE AND ONLY PHILIPPINES, WHERE FRIENDLY AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPL E ARE!

If you ask me, the slogan of former Sec. of Tourism Alberto Lim” Pilipinas kay Ganda is more acceptable than the present one (“It’s More Fun In The Philippines”) because what kind of fun do you have in mind, and you have to enumerate them.    Yes there are lots of fun here, and for those male tourists who are the flirty type, we have one, the red district. My head is thinking in advance again, teehee. I don’t know if my way of thinking is negative, but that’s how I think “It’s more fun in the Philippines” will bring.

Former DOT Sec. Alberto Lim shouldn’t have had resigned, neither would I expect the present DOT Sec.  Ramon Jimenez to do the same. Not being able to make a tourism slogan is such shallow reason to resign. There is enough time to create another one. If you are a government official, you should always be ready to hear and accept  criticisms. This is the only way you can improve your services to the people.
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By the way, we have a new Zamboanga Columnist Club Prexy in the person  of Dante Corteza. I will formally announce the other ZCC officers, once we will be able to decide what day our induction of officers will be held.

Since Dante is now our ZCC prexy, we are leaving it to him to arrange our induction. Congrats in advance Dante!