Reducing everything to politics PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 11 January 2012 14:49


In my earlier piece I expressed a wish to see our decision makers exhibit more careful thinking when they undertake a project for the people or when they propose a piece of legislation that will affect the lives of our citizens. In this piece I express another wish.

I wish our leaders would not reduce everything that is proposed to reduce anomalies, or to increase efficiency, to being “politically motivated”. It would appear from the reactions of many of our politicians, that when something is proposed that affects them positively, that something is good and worthy of support. But when that something affects them negatively, there is then vociferous claims that  that something is politically motivated and proposed simply to cut down their own standing  or their public influence.

Take the present campaign of the Aquino administration to do something about the very serious anomalies that were said to have taken place during the administration of Gloria Arroyo. Whether he will authorize  the DOJ to prosecute all those involved in  these  cases remain to be seen. But most certainly the case of the former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez was widely held by the public as worth prosecuting. But of course there was the loud sector that claimed prosecuting her was politically motivated. And then there were the cases against the AFP brass and what they did with the military funds. These too were considered politically motivated. And finally there are the cases against Mrs. Arroyo and the other co-accused with her in the different cases. The hue and cry has been that these again stem from politically motivated interests. Are we saying that in these cases the accused had done nothing but be on the wrong side of the politics of the present administration?  I find that rather farfetched.

I am not defending Pres. Aquino but when we consider  the last presidential election, the contest was not between Arroyo and Aquino. The closest rival of Mr. Aquino for votes was Mr. Joseph Estrada and it was not too long ago that he and Mrs. Arroyo were the political rivals. It seems rather logically weak to think of Mr. Aquino’s actions against those who have been charged as arising from his political interests.

I find it demeaning of the public’s interest for a  political  personality to immediately blame any actions against him ( or her) as being politically motivated. Does any one politician’s interest stand well above the public interest?

The present flap involving Mr. Lagman and his party mates over the move to change the former’s position as minority party leader is a good example of how someone’s actions are determined predominantly by one’s personal and political interests. When he sat in the roost as minority party leader Mr. Lagman could not say anything bad about Mrs. Arroyo and could not tolerate  any action by Pres. Aquino against Mrs. Arroyo. Now that Mrs. Arroyo has turned her support to another for the position of Mr. Lagman  he now cannot find himself supporting her. Such is the thinking of people whose orientation is simply to promote self and its attendant interests. If I were the Queen of Hearts in the Lewis Carrol work I would shout mightily  “ Off with his head!”