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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 15:35


I haven’t written a column dedicated to sports in a while. But what businessman-sportsman Faisal Hasiman did last Monday at the EAAB Golf Club is hard to ignore. In resplendent orange Nike t-shirt, a pair of black Nike shorts and his eyes glued to his ball, Fai hit a perfect crisp shot on the par-3 eighth hole that saw his ball puncture the gusty wind and land six feet from the pin. With ease and grace and under the watchful eyes of his mentors, Fai sank his first birdie shot since he picked up the game of golf a year ago. That magnificent make came a day after Fai’s first granddaughter came to this world. She could be his lucky charm. Now, Fai is the most feared handicapper that not even Ben Gonzales nor Lope Iringan would dare tee off with him in the same group. It seems that the dregs in Fai’s beer have settled down. He will be the next Tiger Woods of Zamboanga and the next president of the Zamboanga Golf and Country Club.
* * * *

Turn off your television set or switch to another more interesting channel whenever the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona comes on. This trial (execution) has all the trimmings of a guilty verdict, no matter how short or long it takes. This is the Executive-Legislative fight not against the judiciary but against Corona as a person, as an appointee of former president GMA. President Aquino cannot afford an international embarrassment if Corona is acquitted (he needs eight votes to get acquitted and 16 votes to be convicted). This is where the real story lies – not in the eight articles of impeachment, but in the mortification of President Aquino, the leadership of the House and the 188 congressmen who signed the impeachment complaint. Although Corona’s defense attorneys seem battle-ready to thwart anything and everything thrown against their client, the outcome of the trial has long been concluded.
* * * *

What should pop our eyes is the report of the Bureau of Treasury that the government’s debt has reached P4.898 trillion as of the end of October 2011, or P218.8 billion higher than end-October of 2010. Theoretically, the report added, each of the 94 Filipinos is indebted by P52,106. “Kawawa na man is Juan.” Even before my grandchildren grow up and get old enough to earn a living, they already have a debt burden to pay. The report said that this was brought about by the appreciation of the peso against the U.S. dollar. How much will our people owe in the next 10 years? I’m not a mathematician. You tell me.
* * * *

Councilor Lilia M. Nuno will make a good and outstanding member of the House of Representatives if she decides to run and wins in the 2013 mid-term elections in the second congressional district of Zamboanga. That position will be vacated by incumbent three-termer Congressman Erbie “Blue Stallion” Fabian. If greed does not play a major role in the 2013 elections, I see the high probability of Mrs. Nuno winning the seat. She has helped distressed and poor people when she was manager of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office here. In seven years, she has devoted much of her time to facilitating the training of women, transforming them into self-sacrificing, hand-working skilled individuals. She has been very visible in the second district, especially during calamities and disasters. I cannot say enough of her, except that she represents Christian-Muslim brotherhood.