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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 15:37


The Atilano Family name is very affluent here in Zamboanga City. My husband’s middle name is also Atilano, but I never heard of the name Blasita Miller Atilano from among my in-laws. I’m sure she was married to an Atilano. Whoever she is, we’ll try to find her. Maybe, somebody can pinpoint to us her whereabouts.,

Actually, I just got this message from my cousin-in-law Nel Atilano, who said Prof. Simbulan is asking for help to locate in our city the mother of his friend, Vanessa Miller, as it appears in her birth certificate, her missing mother Blasita Miller Atilano. I think Nel also just received this text message from our very own House Representative Beng Climaco Salazar. It would have been much better if we had other details of her disappearance like, as to where and when her whereabouts were when the daughter got separated with her.

If you happen to have known the missing person Blasita Miller Atilano, or you know where she is ,you can always get in touch with Rep. Beng Salazar in her office with tel. no.9922385. A contact no. or an address would do. Thank you.

As I am writing this column this 16th day of January, my eyes are focused on our television set waiting for the first impeachment proceedings of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court  at the Senate. They say this impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona will last up to February. Honestly, I guess the public wouldn’t mind as long as the truth will come out. We’re glad this proceeding will go on. This will show to us that nobody is untouchable.

The defense lawyers of CJ Corona are veteran lawyers who can twist the truth. They can convert white to black. Excuse me for saying this. I only hope the prosecutors in the Corona case are as good as their opponents in refuting or rebutting the arguments as the case may be. I also hope that our elected Senators will stand impartial and fair during the impeachment proceeding.
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PS: My son VP already found her (Blasita Miller Atilano’s) address.