Afterthought: Pedicab, high risk on the road PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 20 January 2012 14:34


Bicycle with side cab or the generic term “Pedicab” is the mode of economical conveyance patronized by some commuters in the community in time of short travel destinations and convenience.

The mounting number of pedicabs emerges as a  virtual risk on the road with commuters or passengers and the driver himself exposed to extreme danger.
Pedicab operation is limited to the route of  barangay streets and strictly disallowed to use main thoroughfares, national or city roads. It is in this premise that permit to operate or franchising is simply expedited and granted by the barangay council.

Pedicabs, like tricycles, are competitively used for public conveyance — ferrying or transporting passengers or commuters to and fro any point of destination in the city and even on highways.

The alarming increase in vehicular accidents or road mishaps involving pedicabs is a serious concern needing primordial attention from the Office of the Mayor and Office of the Barangay council in “Mi Ciudad de Zamboanga” to regulate or control the operations of pedicabs within the prescribed route boundaries.

Pedicab drivers should be licensed just like other drivers of public conveyance as they likewise ferry passengers. If licensed public motorvehicle drivers are prone to recklessness though bound to abide traffic restriction and regulations, the worst recklessness could likewise be observed among drivers of pedicabs who oftentimes  figure in disarray as they sharply swerve and counter the flow of traffic on the road
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The proliferation of dilapidated and smoke belching tricycles should be checked by Land Transportation Office “LTO” and City Franchising, Regulatory and Adjudication Board.

These vehicle units constitute virtual pestilence among commuters and motorists on the road. Discourteous, reckless and strong body odors of almost all trike drivers have further complicated the quality of this type of public conveyance.

Strict monitoring of the application for renewal of franchise by actually checking the units and looking into the true process of the smoke emission test be done to get the authentic result and certified clearance to operate and the documents.