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Wednesday, 10 November 2010 10:06

Ever notice how most times our days just flow endlessly like one continuous blur? Nothing remarkable appears to set one apart from the other.  It’s almost like each is but a carbon copy of any other. Perhaps, that’s because we usually wake up and go through our routines robotically, mechanically, without putting any conscious effort or thought into shaping our day or determining where we want our day, much more our lives, to go. Not surprisingly, we then find ourselves simply swept forward, backward, or held motionless by life’s current. And as long as we don’t willfully choose to steer the ship of our lives in the direction we wish it to go, then this will continue to be the unchanging rhythm of our lives…

Today, however, doesn’t have to be like all those other days. Today, we can deliberately do something special, if we want to.  Writer Ralph Marston, who writes daily for greatday.com to motivate his readers, offers these thoughts for the souls who thirst for something more and who wish to significantly influence their life’s unfolding henceforth…

“This is a day filled with possibilities. This is a day when you can get results.

Though conditions may not be perfect, still they are sufficient for you to move forward. Though circumstances may not be ideal, within those circumstances you can most certainly make progress.

What is it that you would like to achieve? What is it that you wish to change, improve upon, create, express or experience?
If you ever want it to happen, now is when you must do something about it. If it is your desire to see it come about, it is your responsibility to make the necessary effort.

Nothing ever gets accomplished someday by somebody. If it is to happen, it must be done on a specific day by a specific person.
Let today be that day. And let yourself be that person.”

Seize the day and make it as magnificent as you possibly can!

By Jane dela Cruz Bascar