BLAZING THOUGHTS: Poor constituents at a loss PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 17 December 2010 13:54

When the Supreme Court declared the Truth Commission as unconstitutional, a lot of proteges can't help grinning with joy which is a sheer gesture of their profound gratitude to their benefactor.
Some of them even boasted that it's a victory once more against the pursuers who are running after GMA's neck for the varied hints of malfeasance committed during her term. They cannot afford to be ingrates to the powerful matriarch who gave them the chance to reach the peak in their career or in politics.
Nonetheless, the rationale and objectives of the Truth Commission have been fully explained by P-Noy which clearly emphasized that it does not and will never counterflow any provisions in our Constitution. All correlated activities will be undertaken within the bounds of law in digging out vital
evidences and flashing out genuine witnesses pertaining to whatever scams or illegal transactions there might be in the past administrations. Of course, those who are found to be answerable in any corrupt charges will be given due process.
It does not mean that it will only focus on GMA administration, but all. Although it has to start with the most recent one, to be followed by Erap, FVR, even until the era of Aguinaldo.
As the most corrupt nation, we are number two in Asia. In the whole world, we are among the first notorious nations.
If you recall, when these reports came in circulation, many top officials and political leaders in our government are disgruntled casting vehement reactions. Some of them had refuted boldly
saying it's unfair, it's not true, it's exaggerated, it's a blow below the belt, etc. They had cried aloud that the Filipinos are God-fearing and honest. Maybe, a few Filipinos are thieves, robbers, cheaters, plunderers or whatever, but not all or too many. There is corruption in our government, but not as severe as the others. Just the same, we have to do something to prove it rather than to be groaning and growling in the corner.
They have allegedly rejected the Truth Commission for a certain violation of our Constitution, The legal critics disparaged or belittled the luminaries in the P-Noy cabinet who were humiliated and ridiculed. A few braggadocios even resorted to name calling like little children.
So dismaying and annoying to note that the governance has become ordinary Olympic grounds for competition between the brilliant lawyers and barristers against the mediocre ones setting aside the welfare of the people, the taxpayers who are paying for their services in public offices.
In our point of view, the laws are interpreted according to their personal interest or personal favor. It simply means-- the intention may be good, but if it will step on the toes of the political benefactors, naturally it is illegal and unconstitutional. Hence, the poor constituents are at a loss for they
don't know how to interpret the laws the way they do. --Al Kenoh